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At US$374 million (€291 million) in 2012, the Netherlands was the 5th largest European government donor to agriculture and rural development (incl. forestry and fishing), providing 4.1% of DAC countries ODA to agriculture.  ODA for agriculture amounted to 6.6% of total ODA in 2012, double as much proportionality as in 2010 (3.3%).  Food security is one of the four priority areas, and the government planned to increase funding from €242 million (US$311 million) in 2012 to €303 million (US$389 million) in 2013.

The Netherlands pledged US$2 billion (€1.4 billion; 2009-2011) to the G8 L'Aquila Food Security Initiative, of which only US$139 million (€100 million) was additional funding.  According to the Camp David Accountability Report, the Netherlands exceeded its pledge, disbursing US$2.2 billion (€1.6 billion) in 2010-2011, mainly through bilateral channels (82%).

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