August 21-27, 2017: Stockholm Act Festival held in Sweden

The Stockholm Act brings together people from art, science, politics, and business for a week-long festival that explores steps that can be taken to build a sustainable world. The festival examines perspectives on what global and local sustainability mean in our daily lives, and is linked to Sweden’s engagement in the global Sustainable Development Goals. Among the events held during the week, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs (UI) programme on Global Politics and Security hosts a seminar addressing new threats to global health on August 26, 2017, including both pandemics and antibiotic resistance as serious threats to global health and global security.

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Webpage – Stockholm Act Festival


Scientific Future Group hosts 3rd Global Conference on Vaccines in Barcelona

From August 21 to 23, 2017, the Scientific Future Group hosts the 3rd Global Conference on Vaccines (GCV-2017) in Barcelona. The conference aims to bring together professors, researchers, scientists, students, and global health professionals to explore innovative strategies within vaccine development and promote discussion on technological advances. Scientific sessions focus on human vaccines for communicable and non-communicable diseases, including the Zika virus, vaccines in cancer therapy, the future of vaccines, and veterinary vaccines. 

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Event Page- Global Vaccines Congress

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August 21, 2017: KREI to host the 14th International Agricultural Partnership Forum

The Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI) hosts its 14th International Agricultural Partnership Forum. The theme of the event is ‘Supporting national development utilizing public-private partnerships (PPP) and their relevance to agricultural/rural development’. Three presentations cover examples of PPPs by Korea Eximbank, PPP projects for rural development, and the linkage between PPP and green investment.

Location: Korea

Website - KREI (in Korean)           

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12th Nordic Public Health Conference in Denmark

The Nordic Public Health Conference is meeting under the theme of creating socially sustainable health solutions in welfare societies. The conference has been held every three years since 1987 among the five Nordic countries - Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark - and is a key regional arena for dialogue, exchange, and innovation in public health policies, setting the direction, ambition, and vision for public-health work in the region. As such, the conference content is primarily aimed at practitioners, policy makers, administrators, politicians, and NGOs working in public health. Other target groups for the conference are researchers, research institutions, professional associations, and private actors.

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Event page - Nordiske Folkesundhedskonference


Aug 21-23, 2017: Annual International Mental Health Conference held in Gold Coast

The 18th International Mental Health Conference covers a range of issues, including indigenous wellbeing, child and youth mental health, and innovative uses of technology and social media. The event attracts psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, and allied health professionals as well as academics, researchers, and NGOs. This year's speakers include Dr Peggy Brown, CEO of National Mental Health Commission, and Mr Shaun Robinson, CEO of Mental Health Foundation New Zealand.

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Event page - International Mental Health Conference

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August 22-25: the Nordic Public Health Conference takes place in Denmark

The Nordic Public Health Conference, held every three years since 1987, puts public health at the heart of its agenda. It is organized in close cooperation between Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Finland, and Denmark. The conference provides space for dialogue, exchange, and innovation across the Nordic countries on public health policies, including for global health, with sessions such as “public health, sustainability and inequity in health”. The conference gathers practitioners, policy makers, administrators, politicians, and civil-society organizations working in public health.

Location: Aalborg, Denmark

Website – Nordic public health conference (in Norwegian)

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Aug 23, 2017: ‘Australia’s Foreign Aid Dilemma’ book launch takes place in Canberra

A new book entitled ‘Australia’s Foreign Aid Dilemma: Humanitarian Aspirations Confront Democratic Legitimacy’ by Jack Corbett examines the 40-year history of Australia’s development policy and administration. Using interviews and archival material, it assesses the complex relationship between the assistance programs of individual governments, and the domestic political and bureaucratic contexts in which they were embedded.

Among other titles, Corbett is an adjunct senior research fellow at the Centre for Governance and Public Policy, Griffith University, Australia, and is the author of several other books on political leadership and democracy.

Location: Canberra, Australia

Website - Dev Policy


August 29, 2017: Debate on inequality as general election in Norway comes closer

Inequality is a key issue in the upcoming Norwegian general election, to take place in September 2017. The think tank Agenda hosts an event entitled ‘Inequality 1,2,3 – all you need to know’, to present the perspectives of Kalle Moene, professor of economics, Rolf Aaberge, scientist at Statistics Norway, and Hannah Gitmark, an advisor. Heidi Nordby Lunde, parliamentary representative for the Conservative Party, and Kari Elisabeth Kaski, parliamentary candidate for the Socialist Left Party, discuss the political perspective and the solutions of their parties.

Location : Oslo, Norway

Event page – Agenda (in Norwegian)


August 27-September 1, 2017: World water week takes place in Stockholm

The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) organizes the annual conference World Water Week in Stockholm, under the theme “water and waste: reduce and reuse”. The conference convenes researchers, decision-makers, business innovators, and CSO representatives to foster new thinking and exchange ideas around the most pressing water-related challenges.                                              

Registration and conference program available on conference website.

Location - Stockholm, Sweden

Conference website - World Water Week

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August 27-29, 2017: ACER Research Conference 2017 takes place in Melbourne

Held annually, the Australian Council for Educational Research's (ACER) Research Conference highlights the latest national and international research in education for education leaders. Under the theme ‘Leadership for Improving Learning: Insights for Research’, this year’s conference profiles emerging research in leadership practices and initiatives that have driven change within educational institutions and produced significant improvements in student engagement and performance. The conference also includes a focus on developing a sustained approach to Indigenous education in Australia.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website - ACER