October 30-31, 2017: International Conference on Successes and Failures in Telehealth

In October 2017 the Success and Failures in Telehealth conference, SFT-17, takes place in Brisbane. The conference includes a scientific program as well as a trade show featuring telehealth products, and has a wide-ranging target audience including e.g., health professionals, government representatives, and private-sector partners.  

Location - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Event website – SFT17

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October 30-31, 2017: International telehealth conference takes place in Brisbane

The University of Queensland’s Centre for Online Health in cooperation with the Australasian Telehealth Society hosts the 2017 International Conference on Successes and Failures in Telehealth (SFT-17) in Brisbane. The conference presents  a wide range of work: from academic paper presentations to industry products, government telehealth initiatives, and poster presentations. The two-day event will draw around 200 delegates, including health professionals, government representatives, and private sector partners from around the world. 

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Event website – SFT17

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Nov 1-2, 2017: ACFID hosts national conference in Melbourne

The Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), Australia's uniting body for NGOs and international development organizations, has issued a ‘save the date’ for its 2017 National Conference to be held on November 1-2, 2017. The program focuses on how the Australian development and humanitarian sector can drive change through advocacy and action, leadership, and organisational structures. Keynote speakers include Nandini Deo, from the Department of Political Science at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, and Noelene Nabulivou, Political Adviser to Diverse Voices and Action (DIVA) for Equality in Fiji.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website - ACFID


Major HIV/AIDS and sexual health conferences take place jointly in Canberra

The 2017 Australasian Sexual Health Conference, convened by the Australasian Sexual Health Alliance (ASHA), and the 2017 Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference, run by Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM), take place in a new four-day format from November 6-9, 2017. The Australasian Sexual Health Conference convenes medical specialists, GPs, nurses, researchers, and other key contributors to the field of sexual health, while the Australasian HIV&AIDS Conference is designed as a platform for the dissemination and presentation of new and innovative research findings across the HIV sector. Delegates come from a range of professional backgrounds including clinical medicine, epidemiology, and community programming.

Location: Canberra, Australia

Event page - ASHM

Event page - HIV/AIDS conference

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Colloquium on infectious diseases and antibiotics in Brisbane

On December, 1-2, 2017, the International Colloquium on Infectious Diseases and Antibiotics takes place in Brisbane, Australia. Hosted by Innovate Antibiotics 2017, a premier medical and scientific conference event producer, the meeting brings together world leaders in fields related to the research and development of antibiotics, with a focus on the growing problem of antibiotic resistance. 

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Event page - Innovate Conferences

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December 6-7, 2017: Australian Medical Research Institutes set date for 2017 convention

The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes (AAMRI), the leading body for medical research across Australia, holds its annual convention from December 6-7, 2017 in Canberra. Member organizations work on a broad spectrum of health issues, such as preventive health, chronic disease, mental health, immunology, and Indigenous health. Their research ranges from fundamental biomedical discovery through clinical research and the translation of research findings. AAMRI members are primarily co-located with major teaching hospitals; other members are university-based MRIs or alliances between a hospital and university. Further details on registration, program, and accommodation options will be available in late July.

Website – AAMRI


February 13-14, 2018: Australasian Aid Conference 2018 takes place in Canberra

The Development Policy Centre at the Australian National University has announced details of the 2018 Australasian Aid Conference, held in partnership with The Asia Foundation. Over 500 people are expected to attend, including researchers from across Australia, the Pacific, Asia, and beyond, as well as students and practitioners working on international development policy. Australia's Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Penny Wong, is the opening speaker. The keynote address will be made by Nancy Birdsall, Senior Fellow and President Emeritus at the Centre for Global Development in Washington.

An early bird discount on registration is available until December 1, 2017.

Location: Canberra

Event website - Crawford University


July 1-5, 2018: World’s first malaria congress takes place in Melbourne

The inaugural World Congress on Malaria aims to unify and inspire the malaria community around a common sense of purpose, with a perspective that links malaria to the wider objectives of achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Session topics include innovation for the elimination of malaria, encouraging goal-driven leadership, and putting people at the center of malaria elimination. Organizers include senior representatives from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research, the Nossal Institute for Global Health, and the Burnet Institute, as well as the regional malaria initiative APLMA.

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Website - World Malaria Congress

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