February 27-March 1, 2017: Green Climate Fund Board Meeting takes place in Incheon

The Green Climate Fund, a fund established through the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to address climate change, will hold its first 2018 board meeting  at the end of February 2018.  The board is made up of 24 members from developing and developed countries. 

Location: Incheon, South Korea

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May 21-25, 2018: South Korea hosts 51st annual AfDB meeting and KOAFEC ministerial conference

The African Development Bank (AfDB) holds its 51st annual meeting with the aim of strengthening economic cooperation between South Korea and African countries. The meeting will be held alongside the Korea-Africa Economic Cooperation (KOAFEC) ministerial conference, which counts over 4,000 participants from AfDB member countries, international organizations, private-sector businesses, financial institutions, and academic circles. Through the launch of the new Asia-Africa Business Forum, the conference seeks to provide opportunities for participants to develop joint projects and for private-sector businesses to cooperate.

Location: Busan

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