‘Land and Climate: Time to act!’ takes place in Strasbourg, France

Desertif’actions is a non-state actors summit convening over 300 scientists, NGOs, and representatives from local government and farmer organizations, as well as other institutions from both the private and public sectors, to discuss land degradation and climate change. The discussion explores these issues and their manifestations in the global South and North.

Location: Strasbourg, France

Webpage – Desertif’actions


‘Festival of Solidarities’ launches in France

From November 17 to December 3, 2017, the ‘Festival of Solidarities’ calls for participants all over France to organize events on a wide range of issues related to solidarity and cooperation, nationally and internationally. The festival has five main goals: 1) to inform on solidarity and cooperation, 2) to give more visibility to international solidarity, 3) to offer concrete actions for citizens willing to be more active, 4) to involve a broad diversity of actors and themes, and 5) to foster partnerships and collective dynamics between all stakeholders in society.

The event is supported by the French Development Agency (AFD), the Ministry for Education and Research, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, among other partners.

Location: France

Website – Festival des Solidarités (in French)