October 22, 2017: Norwegian broadcaster NRK hosts annual fundraiser

Every year the Norwegian broadcaster NRK hosts a fundraiser, a telethon focused on a specific organization or topic. The donations from this year’s fundraising event will be given to UNICEF for its  work  providing education to children affected by war and conflict.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Website - NRK (in Norwegian)

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October 24, 2017: UNESCO’s 2017/8 Global Education Monitoring Report launches

UNESCO releases its second report assessing progress towards UN education targets and accountability around how education is delivered. The 2017/8 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report, entitled “Accountability in education: Meeting our commitments” measures progress toward Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG-4). UNESCO is holding events in four cities to mark the launch of the report: Brasilia, Brazil; Nairobi, Kenya; London, United Kingdom; Dakar, Senegal.   

Website – UNESCO

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October 26, 2017: University of Oslo hosts seminar on the role of military in health care delivery

In the third seminar of the series “Global Health Unpacked”, hosted by University of Oslo (UiO), participants address the potential benefits and risks of military forces being used to deliver health care services during health crises. Speakers include Colin McInnes of Aberystwyth University and Simon Rushton of University of Sheffield. “Global Health Unpacked” is jointly organized by the research group Power and Politics of Global Health, UiO's Centre for Development and the Environment, and the UiO Centre for Global Health.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Website - University of Oslo


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October 30-31, 2017: International Conference on Successes and Failures in Telehealth

In October 2017 the Success and Failures in Telehealth conference, SFT-17, takes place in Brisbane. The conference includes a scientific program as well as a trade show featuring telehealth products, and has a wide-ranging target audience including e.g., health professionals, government representatives, and private-sector partners.  

Location - Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia

Event website – SFT17

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November 6-17, 2017: UN Climate Conference COP23

Under the presidency of Fiji, one of the main topics to be addressed at the 23rd UN Climate Conference (COP23) is – in addition to the rules of implementation of the Paris Agreement – the interests of small island nations that are heavily affected by climate change. In particular, climate change adaptation and resilience to climate change will be important issues addressed at the conference. Fiji is also aiming to closely involve non-governmental actors.

Location: Bonn, Germany

Event website - UNFCCC

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November 17, 2017: Caritas Norway hosts conference on role of private sector to eradicate hunger

Norwegian NGO, Caritas, hosts a full-day conference to address how Norwegian politicians and the private sector can contribute to the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 2 - Eradicate hunger by 2030 - using their unique competence in food production and policy. The conference audience consists of representatives from the UN, politics, civil society, private sector, and academia.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website - Caritas (in Norwegian)

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November 19-22, 2017: CBIE hosts 51st Annual Conference on International Education

The Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) is hosting its 51st Annual Conference on international education. This year’s conference focuses on exploring pathways to enable collaboration in international education. The Conference brings together educators, Canadian and foreign officials, and other stakeholders from across Canada and abroad. 

Conference website  - CBIE

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November 29-30: Germany to host Global Food Summit

The Global Food Summit aims to initiate a sociopolitical debate around disruptive innovation, investments, regulation and urbanization which characterize the radical change in our food industry.

Location: Berlin

Event website - Global Food Summit

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February 8, 2018: Global Partnership for Education financing conference

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) holds its 2018-2020 replenishment conference in Dakar, Senegal. The event, co-hosted by Senegal and France, was announced during a high-level event on education financing at the United Nations. GPE, the only multilateral fund devoted solely to education, aims to raise US$3.1 billion for 2018 through 2020 to support the education of 870 million children across 89 countries that are home to 78% of the global out-of-school population.

Location: Dakar, Senegal

Press release – Global Partnership for Education

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February 27-March 1, 2017: Green Climate Fund Board Meeting takes place in Incheon

The Green Climate Fund, a fund established through the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to assist developing countries in adaptation and mitigation practices to address climate change, will hold its first 2018 board meeting  at the end of February 2018.  The board is made up of 24 members from developing and developed countries. 

Location: Incheon, South Korea

Publication - Green Climate Fund 

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