September 14, 2017: Partos hosts meeting on impact of Internet of Things on development

Partos, the Dutch development NGO umbrella organization, hosts an event on the impact of the Internet Of Things (IoT) on development cooperation. Connected information flows are improving health care systems and basic government services, but sensors can also help monitor critical vaccines through the use of connected thermometers. The event addresses some of the major questions such as how the deployment of these technologies can be improved in and for development countries, and what should be done with the data obtained by these devices.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Event page - Partos

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25 September, 2017: SDG Impact Summit

The SDG Impact Summit brings 450 representatives of companies, NGOs, local governments, young professionals, and members of parliament together to identify challenges and opportunities for each Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) and create an SDG Roadmap for 2018. In addition, companies and NGOs will discuss the Netherland's national budget and a coalition agreement with members of parliament. The summit is organized by SDG Charter, Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition, Worldconnectors, Maatschappelijke Alliantie, and KIT.

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Event website – Partos (in Dutch)


September 28-November 11, 2017: ViceVersa holds sessions on ‘Leadership in a changing world’

ViceVersa, a Dutch journalistic platform focused on global development, organizes seven sessions by inspiring women from various disciplines - including the public sector, politics, science, and finance - who will outline challenges in their field of expertise and offer practical guidelines on how to tackle them. The sessions strive to spark innovative thinking and leadership capacity in the face of complex challenges, such as increasing migration, climate change, and populism. Session leaders include Reina Buijs, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Marilou van Golstein Brouwers, CEO of Triodos Investment Management.

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Website - ViceVersa (in Dutch)