October 22, 2017: Norwegian broadcaster NRK hosts annual fundraiser

Every year the Norwegian broadcaster NRK hosts a fundraiser, a telethon focused on a specific organization or topic. The donations from this year’s fundraising event will be given to UNICEF for its  work  providing education to children affected by war and conflict.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Website - NRK (in Norwegian)

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October 23 2017: University of Oslo and PRIO co-host memorial seminar on fake news and fact resistance in humanitarian emergencies

The University of Oslo and Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) co-organize a seminar in honor of Hans Rosling, world-renowned scholar and founder of Gapminder. The discussion focuses on the challenges of assessing exaggerated numbers, identifying and reaching target populations in humanitarian emergencies, and the implications of 'fake news' on the politics of human development. 

Location: Oslo, Norway

Website - University of Oslo


Norad and NABA host Nordic-African Business Summit 2017

Norad, Norway's agency for development cooperation, and the Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) co-host the Nordic-African Business Summit on October 26, 2017. As the Nordic region’s leading business conference focused exclusively on African markets, the event gathers Norwegian and African business executives, policy makers, and ambassadors to facilitate networking between delegates. This year’s theme – “A continent in transition” – focuses on investment opportunities within technology, energy, and finance. Additional information about the program is expected to be released in June 2017.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Webpage - NABA


October 26, 2017: NABA summit convenes Nordic and African leaders in Oslo

The Nordic-African Business Summit is the Nordic region’s largest business conference focused exclusively on African markets. In 2016 nearly 500 delegates from 25 countries were represented.  

Hosted by the Norwegian-African Business Association (NABA) and Norfund, the event connects representatives from the Nordic and African private sector, policy makers, and other stakeholders. The 2017 theme is ‘Investing in Africa’s transition – how, not why?’

Location: Radisson BLU Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo, Norway

Event website – NABA


October 26, 2017: University of Oslo hosts seminar on the role of military in health care delivery

In the third seminar of the series “Global Health Unpacked”, hosted by University of Oslo (UiO), participants address the potential benefits and risks of military forces being used to deliver health care services during health crises. Speakers include Colin McInnes of Aberystwyth University and Simon Rushton of University of Sheffield. “Global Health Unpacked” is jointly organized by the research group Power and Politics of Global Health, UiO's Centre for Development and the Environment, and the UiO Centre for Global Health.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Website - University of Oslo


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October 31-November 1, 2017: ZERO hosts conference on environment and green growth

The Zero Emission Resource Organization (ZERO) hosts its annual Zero Conference in Oslo, where 1,300 decision makers from business and politics gather to discuss issues related to climate and the environment. Speakers include:

  • Brian Deese, Senior Advisor to former US President Barack Obama 
  • Vidar Helgesen, Norwegian Minister on Climate and Environment 
  • James Leaton, Research Director of Carbon Tracker 

Discussion topics include 'Fighting Climate Change in the Era of Trump', the Norwegian government's current climate policy,  and the disruptive power of low-carbon technology.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website - Zero conference (in Norwegian)


November 3, 2017: Norad hosts dialogue on environmental innovation and development

Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) hosts an open dialogue with Jamison Ervin and Nik Sekhran from UNDP on ‘Nature and Environment for Development’. The purpose of the meeting is to:

  • Gain insights from UNDP’s work on promoting development and protecting the environment
  • Increase understanding of the UN SDGs
  • Share examples of innovative and sustainable solutions for people and planet, on a local level, and how these solutions can be scaled globally
  • How to operationalize “Leaving No One Behind”: what does it mean to create financially and socially inclusive development?

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website – Norad (in Norwegian)


November 7, 2017: Norad hosts seminar on development context in Myanmar

Norad, the Norwegian agency for development and cooperation, hosts a full-day seminar for development organizations working in or with Myanmar. The seminar aims to increase stakeholders' and actors' understanding of Myanmar, in order to increase effective implementation and risk management in development programs. Topics include how the situation in Rakhine will affect ongoing peace talks,  the state of Myanmar's democratization process,  and how Burmese authorities relate to development partners. 

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website - Norad (in Norwegian)


November 17, 2017: Caritas Norway hosts conference on role of private sector to eradicate hunger

Norwegian NGO, Caritas, hosts a full-day conference to address how Norwegian politicians and the private sector can contribute to the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 2 - Eradicate hunger by 2030 - using their unique competence in food production and policy. The conference audience consists of representatives from the UN, politics, civil society, private sector, and academia.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website - Caritas (in Norwegian)

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November 23, 2017: SUM hosts conference on Norway-India research partnership

The Centre for Development and the Environment (SUM) hosts a conference to examine the Programme for Research Cooperation with India, an initiative at the Research Council of Norway (RCN). The session brings together researchers, policy makers, NGOs, companies, government representatives, and funding agencies to highlight the results of completed research projects, as well as to explore further avenues of cooperation.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website -SUM