November 13, 2017: Action Against Hunger hosts annual conference on nutrition

Action Against Hunger (ACF) is hosting the 2nd edition of its annual conference, “Research for Nutrition #R4NUT”. The conference covers the latest research regarding prevention, treatment, and measurement of undernutrition in humanitarian contexts. The program also includes two debates on the challenges of data collection and management in such contexts, as well as the issue of increasing community participation in research projects.

Location: Paris, France

Event website - Eventbrite

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November 17, 2017: Caritas Norway hosts conference on role of private sector to eradicate hunger

Norwegian NGO, Caritas, hosts a full-day conference to address how Norwegian politicians and the private sector can contribute to the realization of Sustainable Development Goal 2 - Eradicate hunger by 2030 - using their unique competence in food production and policy. The conference audience consists of representatives from the UN, politics, civil society, private sector, and academia.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website - Caritas (in Norwegian)

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November 29-30: Germany to host Global Food Summit

The Global Food Summit aims to initiate a sociopolitical debate around disruptive innovation, investments, regulation and urbanization which characterize the radical change in our food industry.

Location: Berlin

Event website - Global Food Summit

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Third International Conference on Global Food Security in Cape Town

The third International Conference on Global Food Security combines discussion with critical analysis to gain a better understanding of the factors that contribute to global food security. The conference addresses the activities of production, harvesting, processing, distribution, and consumption, as well as explores the trade-offs between economic, environmental, health, and social outcomes. A multidisciplinary approach is applied in order to reflect on how the best science can be used to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Location: Cape Town, South Africa 

Website - International Conference on Global Food Security

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April 14-15, 2018: Annual conference on global health and innovation Conference takes place at Yale University

Unite for Site, a global health nonprofit, hosts its 15th Global Health & Innovation Conference (GHIC). This conference takes place annually at Yale University, in New Haven, CT. GHIC is the largest global health and social entrepreneurship conference in the world. It welcomes over 2,000 participants, including professionals and students, from all US states and 55 countries around the world. Participants represent all sectors of international development, global health, and social entrepreneurship.

Location: Yale University, New Haven, CT

Event webpage – Unite for Site