April 14-15, 2018: Annual conference on global health and innovation Conference takes place at Yale University

Unite for Site, a global health nonprofit, hosts its 15th Global Health & Innovation Conference (GHIC). This conference takes place annually at Yale University, in New Haven, CT. GHIC is the largest global health and social entrepreneurship conference in the world. It welcomes over 2,000 participants, including professionals and students, from all US states and 55 countries around the world. Participants represent all sectors of international development, global health, and social entrepreneurship.

Location: Yale University, New Haven, CT

Event webpage – Unite for Site

June 19, 2018: Annual Higher Education and International Development Conference

The Centre for Education and International Development (CEID), from the University College London Institute of Education, will host an annual conference bringing together academics and policymakers to discuss the role of higher education in sustainable development. 

The themes of the conference are: 
- The role of higher education in the Sustainable Development Goals
- Expanding access to quality higher education in the context of resource constraints
- Research gaps and priority areas for research investment
- Impact of existing interventions and the role of external development agencies

Location: London, UK

Event website - UCL events

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