Policy Update

Japan develops an action plan to implement SDGs

The Japanese Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Promotion Headquarters has developed an action plan to organize and implement the SDGs. The action plan clarifies the goals and targets of the SDGs in a Japanese context and aims to promote domestic implementation and international cooperation. It identifies 8 key pillars required for the“SDGs model”.

  • 1. A society where everyone can play an active role; 
  • 2. Health and longevity;
  • 3. Regional revitalization, opportunities for growth, and promotion of science, technology, and innovation;
  • 4. Sustainable and robust national land policy and quality infrastructure;
  • 5. Promotion of renewable energy, disaster prevention, measure to adapt to climate change, and the creation of a recycling-based society;
  • 6. Conservation of the enviroment to protect biodiversity, forests, and the ocean;
  • 7. A peaceful, safe and secure society; and
  • 8. A robust system and means to promote and implement the SDGs.

Public Opinion Form – Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (in Japanese)