Australia and South Pacific could see dramatic geopolitical fallout from climate change

An article in The Diplomat magazine outlined the dramatic geopolitical implications of climate change for Australia and its neighbors. Low-income countries in the region are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change and extreme weather, which pose a threat to their food and water security, as well as to their homes and livelihoods, increasing the possibility of forced migration.

Many of these low-income countries lack the resources and infrastructure to tackle the challenges of climate change alone. Australia has, for a long time, been involved in peacekeeping and development assistance initiatives in the region, but climate change has not been a development policy priority. The article's author joined calls for greater efforts from the Australian government to recognize the scale of the threat posed by climate change and to take bold action to mitigate major geopolitical fallout. Devastating bush fires across the continent have put an international spotlight on Australian government inaction around climate policy.

News article - The Diplomat