Policy Update

Australia to cease bilateral development assistance to Pakistan in favor of Pacific recipients

The Australian government plans to cease all bilateral development assistance to Pakistan in 2020- 2021. The resources will instead be used for support to the Pacific. Australia will continue assistance to Pakistan through its regional and global programs, including in-Australia scholarships.

The cessation of bilateral development assistance was flagged in the Department of Foreign Affairs’ Aid Program Performance Report on Pakistan for 2018- 2019.  The current bilateral program includes support for poor women and girls, reproductive health services, and gender-based anti-violence assistance. In addition, the program focused on improved water, food, and economic security,  and supporting stabilization and resilience. Australia provided US$27 million (A$39 million) in bilateral funding to Pakistan in 2018- 2019.

News article - Sydney Morning Herald

Aid Program Performance Report on Pakistan - DFAT