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Conciliation process triggered as EU's Parliament and Council disagree on 2020 budget

The Council of the EU and the European Parliament will begin a three-week budget conciliation process today following the Council’s rejection of Parliament’s amendments to the 2020 EU annual budget. 
The European Commission proposed a draft budget for 2020 of €168.3 billion (US$189.7 billion). The Council’s position, which it adopted on September 3, 2019, decreased the budget to €166.8 billion (US$183.6 billion). The Council’s position, while a decrease from the proposal, still represents a slight increase of 0.6% from the 2019 budget. 
The parliament suggested amendments that would increase the total commitments to €171.0 billion (US$188.2 billion). The parliament sought to boost spending for climate protections, youth programs, SMEs, research, digitalization, migration, development, and humanitarian assistance. 
The Council refused to accept the Parliament’s amendments, which means that the Parliament and the Council must now bridge their differences on the budget by November 18, 2019. If an agreement is not reached by this deadline, the Commission will have to present a new draft budget for 2020. 

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