Dutch NGOs campaign for return to 0.7% GNI to ODA ahead of 2020 budget negotiations

On November 25, 2019, ahead of the Dutch parliament 2020 budget negotiations, Cordaid and Oxfam Novib, two NGOs from the Netherlands, launched a campaign in support of the internationally agreed-upon target of allocating 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) to official development assistance (ODA).

The initiative combines publications of ads in major newspapers and on social media, and shares the results of a recent study that affirms that two-thirds of the Dutch population is in favor of ODA spending. 

Their campaign brings attention to the motion that passed with majority votes in parliament in September, which called on the government to develop a roadmap to return to the 0.7% before 2030. The motion also requested that Minister Kaag inform parliament of the activities the government has put in place to that end. Minister Kaag responded in a letter to Parliament on November 18, 2019, explaining that the ODA had already been increased at the beginning of the current legislature and that additional increases in 2020 would be contingent upon the outbreak of humanitarian emergencies. 

Twitter - Oxfam (in Dutch)

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