Dutch minister Sigrid Kaag shares Digital Agenda for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation with parliament

Sigrid Kaag, the minister of foreign trade and development cooperation of the Netherlands, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, developed and presented the Digital Agenda for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation in parliament.

In this document, the Dutch government explains how it is responding to the opportunities and risks of digitization in order to achieve the objectives of its development policy faster and more effectively. Among other issues, the Digital Agenda explores the impact that some of the current digital developments, such as the rise of blockchain or virtual reality, may have for the Sustainable Development Goals. Moreover, it provides reflections and guidance on issues such as innovation, emancipation and inclusivity, given the existing digital gap based on factors such as income, age, geography, and gender.

This strategy is an extension of the Dutch digitization strategy from 2018.

News article – Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)