European heads of state meet in Romania and look ahead to common future

Gathering in Sibiu, Romania, EU leaders reaffirmed their commitment to a stronger EU with a focus on ten key issues:

  • a common European defense;
  • unity and solidarity;
  • respectful listening and joint problem-solving;
  • protecting the EU way of life, democracy and the rule of law;
  • listening to the concerns of all Europeans and prioritizing action “where it matters most"; 
  • upholding the principle of fairness and reducing disparities in the labor market, welfare, the economy and digital transformation;
  • funding the EU adequately to achieve its ambitions;
  • investing in young people;
  • protecting citizens by investing in soft and hard power;
  • and upholding and developing the rules-based international order to jointly tackle global issues such as preserving our environment and fighting climate change.

Sibiu Declaration – EU