European Think Tanks Group publishes proposals for ‘An Agenda for Europe in the World’

The European Think Tanks Group (ETTG), a consortium of European think tanks focused on EU development cooperation, has published a package of proposals for the new EU leadership on how the EU can make a difference in the world. In the context of the upcoming leadership transition on November 1, 2019, ETTG has compiled recommendations for the EU’s global role in peace and security, mobility and migration, climate action, energy and urbanization, trade and development, human development, strategic partnerships, democracy, and development finance. The report’s recommendations include: 

  • Investment in a comprehensive partnership with Africa;
  • Unlocking migration’s development potential;
  • Prevention of conflicts and the building of sustainable peace;
  • Support for the clean energy transition in cities;
  • Addressing climate change in the least developed countries;
  • Leading on global trade and development;
  • An end to extreme poverty;
  • Prioritization of support for democracy; and
  • An increase in funding for external action.

An Agenda for Europe in the World - EETG Report