Leaders of EU, Germany, Norway, France co-author op-ed on COVID-19 funding mobilization

In a joint open editorial published in the French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche, EU Commission President Ursula Von der Layen, EU Council President Charles Michel, Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Soblong, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Emmanuel Macron launched a call to action to mobilize US$8 billion for vaccines, tests, and treatments for COVID-19.

Signatories of this open editorial reiterated the need for multilateral action and called upon governments (notably those of G20 countries), the private sector, and philanthropists to fill the gap in funding the global pandemic response.

The initiative sought to mobilize donors a few days before the May 4, 2020, virtual pledging event to mobilize funding for the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) initiative. ACT was launched on April 24 under the leadership of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Op-ed - Le Journal du Dimanche (in French)

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