German Development Minister launches “Green Button” seal for sustainable textiles

On September 9, 2019, German Development Minister Gerd Müller presented the “Green Button” seal for sustainable textiles, which will be attributed to clothing items produced under certain social and environmental standards. In order to be eligible for the Green Button, companies must comply with a minimum wage requirement for textile workers, forego any child labor in production, and prove that their manufacturing process does not involve certain chemicals and air pollutants.

Minister Müller has been advocating for social responsibility and safety in the textile industry since 2013 when the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh collapsed, killing over a thousand people. At the launch of the Green Button initiative, 27 companies have successfully passed the requirements of the textile label; another 26 companies are currently in the review process.

News article – Deutsche Welle

Press release – Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development [BMZ] (in German)