Germany's Müller announces increase in WHO funding, says its capacity and funding mechanisms must be broadened

German Development Minister Gerd Müller has called to expand the World Health Organization (WHO) to a global pandemic center to be better prepared for future pandemics. As the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to be followed by other pandemics in the future, the WHO would be key in future global coordination of disease monitoring as well as vaccine research and deployment, he said. To this end, Müller further announced a German increase in WHO funding. The international community must start thinking about reforming WHO funding, he said, making it more state- and less privately funded.

Müller further underlined his concerns about potential COVID-19 consequences beyond a health crisis on the African continent – such as the potential for riots, famine, and, in certain regions, even the collapse of state structures. With many national health systems lacking sufficient intensive care units, many African countries would be at risk for hundreds of thousands of deaths, he said. At the same time, Müller expressed hope that the continent’s average age of 20-25 and the warmer climate conditions could help to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on African infrastructure.

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