Only global solidarity can save us from COVID-19, warns German Development Minister

German Development Minister Gerd Müller called for increased support to low-income countries and global solidarity in tackling COVID-19. Germany pledged €20 million (US$22 million) to partner countries to support the detection, containment, and prevention of COVID-19. With a contribution of €75 million (US$83 million), Germany is also the largest donor to finance the World Bank's Pandemic Emergency Unit.

Müller further pointed to the importance of robust early-warning systems and called on the community of states to respond to the World Health Organization's (WHO)’s drive to raise US$675 million to fight the global coronavirus pandemic. He also called for economic stabilization packages for low-income countries to mitigate the current economic downturn.

Müller additionally emphasized the global responsibility to implement pandemic controls in international supply chains, especially in the food industry, as an important step to prevent future pandemics.

News article – Tagesspiegel (in German)