Italy falls to 20th place of DAC countries in the 2017 Principled Aid Index rankings

The UK think tank Overseas Development Institute (ODI) released on June 3, 2019 an analysis of the Principled Aid Index. The Index ranks bilateral Development Assistance Committee (DAC) donors by how they use their official development assistance (ODA) to pursue their long-term national interest in a safer and more sustainable, prosperous world; Italy was given 20th place.

Italy's rankings have fallen in recent years, from 18th place in 2015 to 21st in 2016, with a rebound to 20th in 2017. This decline can be attributed to the drop in performance at the 'needs' dimension, where Italy's score fell sharply from 17th in 2015 to 23rd in 2017 across indicators that measured support for displaced populations and gender equality.

Country rankings- Principled Aid Index

Analysis - Open Cooperazione (in Italian)