Japan supports Philippines in launching a relapse-prevention program for drug users

The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and the Philippine’s Department of Health (DoH) have launched a project to train health professionals with the objective of strengthening treatment and rehabilitation practices.  The training includes a new program  called 'Intensive Treatment and Rehabilitation Program for Residential Treatement and Rehabilitation Centers’ (INREPRET), which features various treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, social support, psycho-education, and self-help treatments. JICA have also committed ¥1.85 billion ($US16.8 million) for building a treatment and rehabilitation center.

According to the Dangerous Drug Board, half (50.1%) of drug dependant people in the Philippines, are unemployed and roughly a quarter (33%) of the 3,000 people recovering from drug addiction have little to no income. 

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