Japan to provide US$9 million for improved medical equipment in Tajikistan

The Japanese government has announced that it will provide ¥957 million (US$9 million) to improve medical equipment in the Shifobaksh National Medical Center of Tajikistan. The funds will be used to provide 41 medical devices, such as a CT scanner, respirator, endoscope, and diagnostic equipment.

Non-communicable diseases account for about 70% of deaths in Tajikistan. While the National Medical Compound of Tajikistan admits 28,000 patients annually, chronic shortages and aging medical equipment have been affecting diagnosis and treatment.

These funds are expected to increase the number of X-ray examinations to 12,000, lithotripsy treatment to 500, and coronary artery imaging to 17,000, which will improve the quality of medical services and strengthen Tajikistan’s healthcare system.

Press release – Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Japanese)

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