Norwegian education networks object to the use of development funding for for-profit schools

In a June 4, 2019 op-ed on the allocation of Norwegian funding for education, authors Gina Ekholt and Ingrid Rostad argued strongly against the direction of Global Partnership for Education (GPE) funds towards for-profit schools. Ekholt and Rostad, coordinator for Global Campaign for Education (GCE) Norway and acting managing director for Forum for utvikling og miljø (ForUM) respectively, represent two major education development networks.

The piece was published as part of an ongoing Norwegian national dialogue around education spending in the leadup to a decision to be made by GPE, expected June 11, 2019, that will dictate the organization's future policy on funding commercial education providers. GPE is a major recipient of Norwegian development financing. Norway has historically been recognized as a standard-bearer in global education development; Ekholt and Rostad urge Norwegian GPE board members to vote against funding for-profit schools and to encourage other board members to do the same.

Opinion piece - Bistandsaktuelt (in Norwegian)

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