Norway increases funding to UNEP

Norway is increasing its support to the United Nations' Environment Program (UNEP) to NOK360 million (US$43 million): an increase of NOK90 million (US$11 million) from the previous three-year period. The announcement was made in New York, as the Norwegian minister of climate and environment met with UNEP. The minister, Ola Elvestuen, will also be president for the next UNEP meeting in 2021. 

Though the majority of funds are not earmarked for specific spending purposes, NOK43 million (US$5 million) have been designated for spending on the following:

  1. Global governance to fight marine pollution, plastic and microplastics;
  2. Preventative work related to the nexus of climate, security and migration; and
  3. Strengthening knowledge and the effect of antibiotic resistance on the environment.

Press release - Government of Norway