Policy Update

South Korea's PyeongChang Peace Forum focuses on peace promotion, SDG implementation

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA), in partnership with South Korea’s Gangwon province and PyeongChang city, organized the second PyeongChang Peace Forum on February 9- 11, 2020. The Forum is an opportunity to discuss the implementation of sustainable development goals (SDGs), peace, and the economy. 

Topics discussed this year included: the role of sport in promoting peace and sustainable development; sustainable tourism, cooperative projects, and other ways in which the economy can contribute to peace; and the environmental implications of promoting peace, the SDGs, and the economy. 

The keynote session focused on building the global-local network for peace and featured Ban Ki-moon, the former secretary-general of the UN; Gro Harlem Brundtland, the former prime minister of Norway and Director-General of the World Health Organization; and Lee Mi-kyung, the president of KOICA and co-president of the forum. Other sessions included 'Pyeongchang agenda for peace 2030: peace & SDG Campaign'; 'Development cooperation and peace action coalition for everyone'; and 'Building an inclusive partnership for sustainable peace cooperation'.

Event website – PyeongChang Peace Forum

Press release – Korea International Cooperation Agency (in Korean)