Policy Update

South Korea hosts academic conference on future of ODA

Korea Association of International Development Cooperation (KAIDEC), South Korea's largest academic association on international development cooperation, held its annual winter conference in Seoul on the theme 'Exploring new directions of international development cooperation'. The conference is one of Korea's largest events focusing on official development assistance (ODA) and was organized in partnership with the ministry of unification, ministry of foreign affairs, the Ewha Womans University [sic] and others.

The conference included 20 sessions, including two organized by the ministry of unification on implementation of the sustainable development goals in North Korea and the humanitarian-development-peace nexus. The ministry of foreign affairs held two sessions on South Korea’s upcoming mid-term ODA strategy and new foreign aid policies and strategies. The vice minister of the unification ministry and director-general of development cooperation bureau joined the event to deliver remarks and urged stakeholders to use the event to discuss and provide ideas on South Korea’s foreign affairs and foreign aid strategies.

Event website – Korea Association of International Development Cooperation (in Korean)