South Korea launches international group at UN to strengthen global solidarity and health security

The Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on May 12, 2020, the launch of the 'UN Group of Friends of Solidarity for Global Health Security'.

Co-chaired by South Korea, Canada, Denmark, Qatar, and Sierra Leone with participation from other UN member states, the group aims to strengthen the UN’s response and cooperation on global health security issues such as COVID-19. The group of friends will serve as a key platform to promote human security and minimize the impact of global health security challenges on areas such as development, peace, and human rights, all based on solidarity and cooperation. However, key countries such as the US and China have not formally joined the group.

In addition to the UN Group of Friends, South Korea plans to form similar groups within the WHO and UNESCO by the end of May. The group at WHO will focus on promoting cooperation to fight contagious diseases and the group at UNESCO will concentrate on civil education related to global solidarity.

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