Spanish Congress of Deputies overrides alt-right Vox party, forms Development Committee

The Spanish Congress of Deputies has authorized the formation of 21 parliamentary committees for the 2019-2023 term. Among others, the Congress approved the creation of the Commission for International Development Cooperation (Development Committee) despite the opposition of the alt-right Vox party.

Citing concerns about public spending, Vox proposed an amendment to reduce the number of parliamentary committees from 21 to 17, calling for the elimination of the Development Committee. No other parliamentary group supported the proposal.

The Development Committee, which will debate and vote on development-related commitments and budgetary envelopes, is to be headed by parlimentarian Roser Maestro, a member of the left-wing Podemos party. The Committee will be made up of 37 members of parliament, including 13 from the social-democratic Socialist Party PSOE, 9 from the conservative Popular Party PP, 5 from the alt-right Vox, 4 from Podemos, and 6 from other minority groups. 

Press release – Congress of Deputies (in Spanish)