Sweden ups humanitarian spending by US$46 million

The Swedish government has decided to increase the allocation to the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) in response to global humanitarian needs.  

Sida will receive an additional SEK145 million (US$16 million) to be allocated as  follows: 

  • SEK75 million (US$8 million) for rapid response assistance;
  • SEK15 million (US$2 million) additional core support to the International Red Cross federation;
  • An additional SEK15 million (US$2 million) to the UN Office for Humanitarian Assistance;
  • SEK40 million (US$4 million) to the World Health Organisation (WHO) response to the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  

In addition, the government has decided to make early payments amounting to a total of SEK280 million (US$30 million) on the multi-annual agreements that Sweden holds with the following humanitarian agencies:  

  • SEK70 million (US$8 million) to the UN Emergency Relief Fund;
  • SEK87 million (US$9 million) to the UN High Commission for refugees;
  • SEK76 million (US$8 million) to the World Food Programme;
  • SEK47 million (US$5 million) to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian refugees.  

Press release - Swedish Government (in Swedish)