UK's DFID gets 1.5% budget boost for 2020

The UK Department for International Development's (DFID) budget has been increased by 1.5% in real terms for the year 2020- 2021. The increase was part of an additional £13.8 billion (US$17.7 billion) provided by the treasury for public services, as part of the government’s one-year spending review. The UK’s national health service, police, and schools received the greatest funding increases, but for the first time since 2002, no government department received a budget cut.

The Chancellor has retained the UK’s commitment to allocating 0.7% of its gross national income as official development assistance and announced an increase in DFID’s resource departmental expenditure limits from £9.3 billion (US$12.1 billion) to £9.6 billion (US$12.3 billion). This includes an 8% increase in its administration budget.

The review, which highlighted the need for UK development assistance to be spent on the national interest and better deliver value for money, outlined the UK’s priorities for development assistance, including supporting healthcare and health security, water and sanitation, girls’ education, humanitarian assistance, research, tackling climate change, and promoting economic prosperity in developing countries.

Press release - UK government HM treasury

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