UK Liberal Democrat party’s manifesto commits to fighting climate change, supporting education access, human rights, and gender equality

The UK Liberal Democrat Party’s 2019 manifesto commits to spending 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) on overseas development assistance. Their policy priorities for international development are tackling climate change, supporting gender equality, and promoting education and human rights. The manifesto includes commitments to:

  • Increase the development assistance budget to support climate change action;
  • Support gender equality through the economic inclusion of women and girls, education, reproductive rights, and an end to sexual violence in conflict zones;
  • Develop a global education strategy to educate the 230 million children worldwide who are not in school; and
  • Defend human rights for all, including LGBTQ+ and those persecuted for their religious beliefs. 

News article- Bond

Report- Liberal Democrat Manifesto 2019

United Kingdom