UK parliamentary committee launches inquiry into development assistance effectiveness

The newly elected International Development Select Committee (IDC) of the UK parliament has launched an inquiry into the effectiveness of UK development assistance.  The inquiry will inform the Government’s ongoing integrated review of foreign, defense, security, and development policy. The timetable of the IDC review is short; written and oral submissions are being collected until the end of April and the final report will be published in June of 2020.

The inquiry will assess:

  1. How UK official development assistance (ODA) is defined and administered;
  2. How other donors define and administer ODA; 
  3. The effectiveness of assistance allocated by the Department for International Development (DFID) compared to assistance allocated by other UK government departments;
  4. The definition of national interest and what weight it should be given in development co-operation; and
  5. The accountability of the systems and structures used to administer UK ODA.

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