Policy Update

Global Fragility Act to counteract root causes of terrorism passes as part of larger US FY 2020 spending bill

Included in the larger US spending bill for Fiscal Year 2020 is the Global Fragility Act, a law to change the US government's approach to the prevention of violence and conflict that can become breeding grounds for terrorism. The US will now promote a whole-of-government approach to treat the causes of violence, including the creation of a ten-year strategy to “contribute to the stabilization of conflict-affected areas, address global fragility, and strengthen the capacity of the United States to be an effective leader of international efforts to prevent extremism and violent conflict.”

The bill also includes, over the next five years, US$200 million for a Prevention and Stabilization Fund as well as US$30 million for a Complex Crisis Fund. Overall, the bill had strong bipartisan support in both the US House and Senate, a recognition that the traditional approach wasn't effective. Senator Chris Coons, one of the primary sponsors, stated that the US "has spent nearly US$5.9 trillion in the 18 years since 9/11 to combat extremism and terrorism around the world, and it’s clear we need a new strategy to do that more effectively.”

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