White House announces new international religious freedom role at National Security Council, taps Pence aide accused of improper ODA channeling

In another nod to his religious base, President Trump is expected to create a new post at the National Security Council to promote international religious freedom and to name a staffer from Vice President Mike Pence's office to fill the role. Pence, an evangelical Christian, has been a vocal proponent of the religious freedom agenda, especially where it concerns Christians overseas, and has controversially steered US development funding to Christian organizations.

Pence, along with the staffer expected to fill the new NSC post, was the subject of an investigation by ProPublica that detailed their alleged attempts to improperly channel development assistance. There have been other efforts by the Trump administration to promote religious freedom including, for example, the recent launch of the International Religious Freedom Alliance. The administration is also considering a proposal to condition US development assistance based on how other countries treat religious minorities.

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