Leaked plan from White House would overhaul US foreign assistance distribution

A leaked draft of a presidential policy directive outlines significant changes in the way that the US would provide foreign assistance. Voicing a long-held view by President Trump, the draft's policy prioritizes providing assistance to "friends and allies" and those countries that support US foreign policy goals. This change, if realized, would be a significant shift from the long-held US development assistance strategy that prioritizes need over political allegiance, at least in theory. 

The policy draft, which has no clear timetable for release, promotes the cessation of funds to countries that align themselves with US rivals such as China.  Although short on detail, there are some caveats to the new draft policy. For example, there are exceptions offered to the new approach when "overriding strategic, national security, or humanitarian concerns that require" the continuation of assistance are determined to be present. Democrats and humanitarian actors expressed significant concerns about the draft policy. The White House did not comment on the leaked draft.

News article - Politico

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