Youth 7 calls on G7 to tackle inequalities and climate change

The Y7, the G7 engagement group mobilizing young citizens from the G7 countries, released an open editorial on the occasion of their meeting in Paris a few weeks before the Biarritz Heads of State Summit to take place August 24-26, 2019.  

Y7 representatives made public a series of recommendations to tackle inequalities including requests to:

- Apply financial sanctions against companies and individuals avoiding paying taxes;
- Demand gender parity in board of trustee of private companies;
- Extend social protection schemes for micro-entrepreneurs working with the digital and sharing economy actors;
- Maximize efforts to reduce carbon emission to reach carbon neutrality by 2050.

In the conclusion of their editorial, Y7 representatives called for G7 heads of state to protect future generations from populism fueled by growing inequalities, climate, and technology changes, and to promote social justice and democracy.

News article - Le journal du Dimanche (in French)