July 9, 2018: International Agriculture and Horticulture Conference

The  12th International Conference on Agriculture and Horticulture is focusing  on “emerging trends in agriculture and horticulture", and  provides a meeting platform for academics, students, researchers, and industry representatives. Technical papers will be presented by speakers from India, Pakistan, Iran, and the UK, as well as academics from Australian institutions.

Location: Sydney, Australia

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Australia Agriculture

July 18-20, 2018: Asia-Pacific Pharma Congress

The 15th Asia-Pacific Pharmaceutical Congress is to be held in Melbourne. With the theme of 'De Novo advancements in pharmaceutical sciences',  key conference tracks will include regulatory affairs, intellectual property rights, and phytochemistry.

Event website – Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical Conference

Australia Global health R&D

August 12, 2018: Annual Australian parliamentary seminar on agricultural research to focus on better nutrition

Australia’s major annual conference advocating international agricultural research will be held by the Crawford Fund in  August 2018.  The conference will focus on the agriculture, food, nutrition, and health nexus. This conference attracts researchers, advocates, officials, students, and significant numbers of members of the Australian Parliament each year.

Location: Canberra, Australia

Event website - Crawford Fund

Australia Agriculture Nutrition

March 5-9, 2018: WASH Futures Conference 2018 in Australia

The WASH Reference Group, consisting of NGOs, academia and private-sector players, is hosting the annual WASH Futures conference. The conference aims to bring together international and Australian experts, to discuss meeting water sanitation and hygiene needs, as well as to strengthen and improve the quality of Australia’s response to the global sanitation and water crisis.

Key speakers include Barbara Evans from the University of Leeds, and Val Curtis from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Themes that will be covered include financing and investing in sustainable systems, equity, urban communities and women, and WASH.

Location: Brisbane, Australia 

Event website – WASH Futures

Australia Global health

September 19-21, 2018: 18th International Evaluation Conference held in Tasmania

The theme of the 18th International Evaluation Conference is ‘Transformations’, with a focus on transforming governmental and philanthropic evaluations to be more culturally sensitive and relevant to indigenous groups.  

Michael Quinn Patton, a former President of the American Evaluation Association, is one of the keynote speakers. 

The call for proposals is now open. Pre-conference workshops are held on September 17 and 18, 2018.

Location: Launceston, Australia

Event website – Australasian Evaluation Society


September 19, 2018: Australian National Early Childhood Conference

Early Childhood Australia’s 2018 National Conference is being held over four days in Sydney. It covers the impact of early childhood education, and professional development for educators, sector leaders, and teachers.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Event website – Early Childhood Australia

Australia Education

September 24, 2018: Australasian HIV and AIDS conference

Australia’s major HIV/AIDS conference is open for registration.  This is organized annually by the Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, and Sexual Health Medicine. Participants attend the conference from throughout the Asia and Pacific region. Presentations and sessions for 2018 include changing HIV epidemiology, community engagement, and the future of antiretroviral therapy and new drugs. Other specific topics include HIV regulation, the law and rights, and vaccines and immunopathogenesis.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Event website - ASHM 

September 26, 2018: Australian public health conference 2018

The Australian Public Health Association is holding its annual conference in September 2018. This is the forty-fifth year of the conference, which will focus on leadership in public health challenges for local and planetary communities. It provides an opportunity for public health professionals to connect and discuss innovative ideas.

Location: Cairns City, Australia

Event website - PHAA

Australia Global health

June 18, 2019: Australian government to organize Global Health Security Conference in Sydney

An inaugural Global Health Security Conference will be held in Sydney next year. Conference partners include the Australian government’s Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security, the New South Wales government, and the University of Sydney. The three-day conference will provide a venue for researchers, government officials, and international organizations to advance the health-security agenda. It aims to establish a health-security community of practice. It will also provide an opportunity for students to showcase their research.

Sectors involved include veterinary science, agriculture, medicine, and public health.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Event website - Global Health Security Conference

June 18, 2018: Global health security conference 2019

The University of Sydney and the Australian government’s Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security are sponsoring a global health security conference in June 2019. The program will focus on health emergencies, emerging threats, and challenges in governance and financing for global health security. Themes will include new technologies and partnerships for global health security. The conference aims to include government officials,  international organizations, civil society, and private industry.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Event website - ghs2019