April 23, 2018: Agricultural development: Smart investing for global food security

Brookings Institute hosts a panel of experts to discuss how best to address food insecurity and reduce extreme poverty in low-income countries through empowerment of rural farmers.   Gilbert Houngbo, President of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), will discuss actions that IFAD can take to help reach the Sustainable Development Goals' target of doubling small-holder productivity.  Other panelists will address the changes needed to institutions, markets, and other investments to transform the agrifood system in the developing world. 

Location: Washington, DC, US

Event website - Brookings

April 26, 2018: UiO hosts seminar linking food, nutrition and human rights

The University of Oslo is hosting a seminar which will discuss how to approach the reduction of undernutrition from a human rights and law perspective. The seminar will discuss the question "Are states obligated to ensure a right to food and health for their people", and the aim of the seminar will be to examine the understanding of how human rights contribute to moving global nutrition onto the agenda.

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website - University of Oslo

Norway Nutrition

April 26, 2018: Centre for Global Health hosts conversation on food, nutrition, and human rights

The event hosted at Nye Auditorium 13, Domus Medica, Gaustad, will address whether and how to use a human-rights- centered approach when addressing the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition, malnutrition, and related diseases. Speakers include Kaia Engesveen, Department of Nutrition for Health and Development, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva; Louise Meincke, World Cancer Research Fund International; Henriette Øien, Division of Public Health, Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Event page - UiO

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April 26, 2018: Agenda and Development Fund host breakfast seminar on food and water scarcity in the future

The Development Fund, and the Agenda think tank, at a jointly organized breakfast seminar, will be examining the question"Will there be enough food and water for everyone, with both climate change and population growth?" This will be explored in light of the one billion people worldwide currently without access to clean and safe drinking water and the increased vulnerability and conflict created by climate change.  

Speakers include: 

  • Nikolai Astrup, Minister of International Development
  • Åslaug Marie Haga, Chairman of Svalbard Global Seed Vault
  • Kristin Halvorsen, Director of Cicero
  • Lisa Sivertsen, Director of Advocacy of Norwegian Church Aid
  • Kari Helene Partapuoli, Director of the Development Fund

Location: Oslo, Norway

Event website - Tankesmien Agenda (in Norwegian)

Norway Agriculture Nutrition

May 1, 2018: Canadian launch of 2018 Global Food Policy Report

The International Development Research Centre, CGIAR’s International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), and Global Affairs Canada host the Canadian launch of the 2018 Global Food Policy Report.  The event will include a presentation of the report’s findings, followed by a panel discussion with representatives from USC Canada, Global Affairs Canada, McGill University, and CGIAR’s IFPRI.  The panel is expected to focus on the findings of the report, issues facing global food systems, and the impacts on women and girls.

Location: Ottawa, Canada

Event website – IDRC

May 2, 2018: Public Health Prevention Conference 2018

The Public Health Association of Australia is convening this conference to assist building prevention measures to improve health in Australia. The main themes include translating research and evidence into action and targeting efforts to strengthen prevention. Speakers include Dr Mukesh Haikerwal, the Chair of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, and Julia Gillard,  former Australian Prime Minister and chair of Beyond Blue, as well as the Global Partnership for Education.

Location: Sydney, Australia

Event website - Public Health Association of Australia

May 7-11, 2018: Milan hosts Seeds&Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit

Milan is hosting the 4th edition of Seeds&Chips, the Global Food Innovation Summit. 

The summit will showcase exhibitors, talents, and cutting-edge solutions for the agri-food business from around the world. The initiative is a follow-up on the Expo Milan 2015, and it aims to become one of the flagship food events at a global level. Seeds& Chips is designed to promote food innovation by bringing together the most important stakeholders from food-production chains, boosting communication (also by means of digital platforms), and promoting exchanges of information and knowledge, as well as opportunities to cooperate.

Last year former United States President Barack Obama delivered a keynote speech. This year speakers include Howard Shultz, Executive Chairman of Starbucks , and John Kerry, the 68th U.S. Secretary of State. 

Website - Seeds&Chips

June 11-12, 2018: EAT Stockholm Food Forum

The 5th annual EAT Stockholm Food Forum is being held this June in Stockholm, with a focus on challenges to food system transformation. The forum hopes to provide a platform for discussions on the trade-offs and solutions that are needed to achieve healthy diets from sustainable food systems. The event is organized by the EAT foundation, and gathers global thought leaders from science, politics, business, and civil society to explore new collaborations, new research, new solutions, and new connections for a new global food system. 

Speakers for the 2018 conference include Dr. Gunhild A. Stordalen, Founder and President of EAT; Christiana Figueres, Convener of Mission 2020; Mark Wilson, CEO of Aviva; Dr. Ibrahim Assane Mayaki, CEO of NEPAD; Professor Corinna Hawkes, Director of the Centre for Food Policy of the City University London; and many more. 

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Event website - EAT Forum 


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August 12, 2018: Annual Australian parliamentary seminar on agricultural research to focus on better nutrition

Australia’s major annual conference advocating international agricultural research will be held by the Crawford Fund in  August 2018.  The conference will focus on the agriculture, food, nutrition, and health nexus. This conference attracts researchers, advocates, officials, students, and significant numbers of members of the Australian Parliament each year.

Location: Canberra, Australia

Event website - Crawford Fund

Australia Agriculture Nutrition

November 2018: Spain to hold First Global Parliamentary Summit against Malnutrition

The Spanish Senate’s Development Committee announced in June 2017 that Spain would hold the first Global Parliamentary Summit against Malnutrition by November 2018; this has been confirmed by Spanish development agency AECID and the FAO. According to AECID, the summit will gather MPs and development officials from around the world, and aims to share experiences and innovative solutions to end hunger.

Further details on the summit will be released closer to the date.

Location: Madrid, Spain

Press release - FAO (in Spanish)

Press release - AECID (in Spanish)

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