Tokyo International Conference on African Development to address technology and innovation

The theme of the seventh Tokyo International Conference on African Development has been announced as 'Advancing Africa's Development through People, Technology and Innovation'. The conference will be held on August 28-30, 2019.

The government of Japan will increase its support in human resource development as well as science, technology, and innovation to trhe African continent.

Press release - MOFA


Over half of G7 spending for education goes to achieving gender equality

UNESCO's Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report has shown that 55% of spending by the G7 on education projects is earmarked for initiatives that strive to eradicate gender inequalities in schooling.

France, who currently holds the G7 presidency, is the second-largest donor, at 76%, after Canada at 92%. The analysis was part of a broader examination by UNESCO and GEM examining donor allocations to gender parity in education. The report gives recommendations for countries to equalize access to education between the genders, which include the following:

  1. Fighting negative gender norms through coed sports or extracurricular activities that allow children of all genders to engage with one another, and encouraging girls to participate in STEM activities;
  2. Increasing equitable access to education through conditional cash transfers, food for education initiatives, second-chance programs and strong technical and vocational training for women in key industries;
  3. Strengthening teaching and learning resources through the revision of curriculum frameworks to help develop gender-responsive toolkits for teachers, and the provision of financial incentives for female teachers in remote locations;
  4. Improving the learning environment through the development of local community learning centers and the legal frameworks and codes of conduct, and the enforcement of minimum standards on water and sanitation.

Blog post - UNESCO World Education Blog

Building Bridges for Gender Equality report - Global Education Monitoring

UK calls on G7 development ministers to increase funding for Ebola-hit DRC

The UK secretary for state for international development, Rory Stewart, has called upon G7 donors to increase funding to help deal with the deadly Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Currently, the UK and the US are among the biggest donors to the crisis, but the World Health Organisation is facing a funding shortage and needs additional resources to address the epidemic.

During the G7 development minister’s meeting on July 4, 2019, held in France, Stewart requested further support, particularly from France and Japan, for the crisis, which has already resulted in 1,600 deaths in the North Kivu and Ituri provinces in eastern DRC, since August of 2018. 

Press release - UK Government 

Japanese envoy to UN and head of UNICEF highlight importance of vaccination for children

Japan's envoy to the UN collaborated with the head of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) to organize an event advocating for the great importance of vaccination to save the lives of young children. The speakers called upon leaders around the world to make sure as many children as possible are vaccinated against potentially fatal diseases.

News article - KYODO NEWS

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G20 leaders adopt joint declaration on global issues in Osaka

The G20 representatives adopted the 'G20 Osaka Leaders' Declaration', consisting of fives sections which cover a variety of global urgent issues: 

  1. Global economy;
  2. Fostering robust global economic growth;
  3. Global finance anti-corruption;
  4. Creating a virtuous cycle of growth by addressing inequalities;
  5. Realizing an inclusive and sustainable world.

The declaration also discusses pressing issues in global health, particularly the urgent need for universal health coverage(UHC) and a cooperative effort to address antimicrobial resistance. Further discussion will take place at the G20 health ministers' meeting in October 2019.

Press release - G20

Japanese pharmaceutical announces ¥4.6 billion to support developing countries

On June 26, Takeda Pharmaceutical announced that it has selected five new global programs to support. A total of ¥ 4.6 billion(US$42 million) will be provided over five years to five organizations that support vulnerable people all over the world:

  1. SeriousFun Children’s Network
  2. DNDI Global
  3. City Cancer Challenge
  4. UN Foundation (towards immunization and universal health coverage)
  5. UNICEF (towards investment in innovation and frontier technology)

News article - MIX online (in Japanese)

Press release - Takeda

Japan highlights seven focus areas for G20 Osaka Summit

Japan's cabinet committee for the sustainable development goals (SDGs) highlighted seven areas upon which they intend to focus in the upcoming G20 Osaka Summit. 

Japan will raise awareness on the following issues:  (1) G20 principles on high-quality infrastructure investment; (2) Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction initiative; (3) marine plastic waste measures; (4) Paris agreement long-term growth strategy; (5) women's empowerment; (6) global health,; and (7) education.

An expansion of the SDGs: Action Plan 2019 - Japanese government (in Japanese)

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Japan announces educational grant assistance to Bhutan

On June 19, 2019, Japanese ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu announced ¥174 million (US$2 million) human resource development scholarship program with the government of Bhutan. The funding will support higher education access for young government officials in Bhutan.

Press release - MOFA(in Japanese)

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Health professional meeting reemphasizes on UHC

The World Medical Association (WMA) and the Japan Medical Association (JMA) jointly adopted the Tokyo Declaration on Universal Health Coverage (UHC). The Tokyo Declaration reemphasizes Japan's commitment to the promotion of universal coverage and dramatically improved public health and medical standards.

WMA and JMA welcomed health and finance ministers to the meeting. They are expected to lobby again for UHC promotion during the upcoming G20 Osaka Summit.

News article - MIX Online (in Japanese)

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Japan announces emergency grant assistance for Iran

The government of Japan announced an emergency relief grant of US$ 2 million in response to flood damage in Iran.

This assistance will support hygiene, education, child protection, and essential health interventions in collaboration with the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Press release - MOFA

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