Spain's Sánchez calls for strengthened multilateralism at COP25

At the opening session of the UN's Madrid-based Climate Change Conference (COP25) on December 2- 13, 2019, Spanish acting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez called for strengthening multilateral cooperation and adopting ambitious measures at the domestic and international levels in order to tackle climate change effects worldwide. Prime Minister Sánchez also emphasized the importance of fostering women's empowerment and of achieving Agenda 2030 for sustainable development goals (SDGs). 

Press release – la Moncloa (in Spanish)


Spain's AECID to disburse US$24 million to development NGOs in 2019

The Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) has approved financial contributions to 70 development-related projects led by 50 development NGOs. With an overall amount of €22 million (US$24 million) to be disbursed before the end of the year 2019, the AECID will cover the Spanish development priorities earmarked in the current Master Plan for Spanish Cooperation 2018-2021 in 27 developing countries. 

Press release – AECID (in Spanish)


Spanish AECID launches campaign for elimination of violence against women and girls

The Spanish development agency AECID  launched various social initiatives on occasion of the 'International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women' on November 25, 2019. The AECID launched a social media campaign on ending gender violence around the world, conducted a workshop on combating violence suffered by women and girls in humanitarian crisis situations, and scheduled screenings of short films based on stories of women who suffered violence.

Press release – AECID


Spain advocates for sustainable development at UNESCO

At the 40th annual conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) held in Paris, France, the Spanish interim minister of education, culture and sports José Guirao, called for greater inclusion of the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development within the organization's current actions. Minister Guirao emphasized that culture and education play a critical role in fostering sustainable development worldwide and advocated for more political coordination at the UNESCO to help in advancing the Agenda 2030. 

Press release – AECID

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Spanish CONGDE and REEDES launch report on policy coherence and sustainable development

The Spanish development NGO and umbrella organization 'CONGDE' and the academic network for development-related studies 'REEDES' have launched the 2019 policy coherence index for sustainable development. The new report analyzes public policies in 148 countries in order to evaluate the policy engagement and alignment of countries towards the sustainable development goals. According to this analysis, Denmark ranks first while Spain ranks ninth in terms of policy alignment.

Press release – CONGDE (in Spanish)


Spain approves new development partnership agreement for Cuba

The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, has announced the approval of a new country partnership framework to steer Spain’s bilateral development cooperation in Cuba between 2019-2022. The new partnership agreement is inspired by the Agenda 2030 for sustainable development and outlines three strategic priorities of fostering economic growth, supporting rural development, and strengthening governance.  

Press release – AECID (in Spanish)


Spanish Socialist and Podemos parties reach coalition government deal

Only two days after Spain’s general election, the social-democratic Socialist Party (PSOE) of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez and the left-wing Podemos party have announced an agreement to form a progressive coalition government. Socialist Pedro Sánchez will reportedly continue as prime minister while the Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias is set to become deputy prime minister of Spain. PSOE and Podemos still need to seek support from other parliamentary groups including minority regional parties and Catalan secessionists. 

News article – El Diario (in Spanish)


Spain and WHO sign new agreement on organ donation and transplantation

The Spanish Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare and the World Health Organization have signed an agreement on fostering cooperation in the field of donation and transplantation of organs, cells and tissues. This technical agreement will lead to the creation of the Global Observatory on Donation and Transplantation 'GODT', which will collect and manage global data on clinical and regulatory information regarding organ transplants.

Press release – La Moncloa (in Spanish)

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Governing PSOE wins Spain's general election; alt-right VOX becomes third-largest force in parliament

The social-democratic Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) of Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has won the general election held in Spain on November 10, 2019, with 28% of the vote and 120 seats in the Congress of Deputies.

Despite winning 32 more seats than the conservative Popular Party (PP), the second runner-up, the PSOE is still far below the majority (176 seats) and will need to seek parliamentary support from other political parties in order to form a new government. PSOE also won the last general election on April 28, 2019, but was unable to reach any governing agreement, resulting in the latest November 10 election. 

Support for the conservative PP and the far-right, xenophobic Vox parties have grown exponentially, increasing from 66 to 88 seats, and from 24 to 52 seats respectively. Most of these votes came at the expense of the center-right Ciudadanos party, which has plummetted from 57 to 10 seats. PSOE lost three seats and the left-wing Podemos party lost seven since April.

Another notable election outcome is stark vote fragmentation; up to 16 political parties will be represented in the Spanish parliament and 10 of these, with 42 seats in total, are regional parties. Prime Minister Sánchez must again attempt to form a new government. If he fails, Spain will e launched into another election cycle. 

News article – El País


Spain to host UN climate change summit in December 2019

The United Nations climate change executive secretary Patricia Espinosa has confirmed in a public statement that the Climate Change Conference 'COP25' will take place in Madrid, from December 2-13, 2019. The climate summit was to be hosted in Santiago, Chile, but the Chilean government decided on October 30, 2019,  to withdraw the hosting due to political difficulties in the country. The Spanish government of prime minister Pedro Sánchez will, therefore, have four weeks to organize the climate change conference. 

Statement – UN Climate Change