South Korea discusses 2020 action plan for official development assistance

South Korea's Committee for International Development Cooperation (CIDC) held its second meeting of 2019 in July. The CIDC announced a tentative outline of the 2020 Action Plan on South Korea’s foreign aid.

Major items include increasing ODA budget, humanitarian assistance, and untied aid; enhancing partnerships with international organizations; promoting systematic multilateral cooperation; and harmonizing development strategies with the New Southern and New Northern Policies of the government. The ODA budget for 2020 is expected to be around US$3 billion which is a 12.5% increase from 2019. The CIDC also discussed the revised version of the humanitarian assistance strategy, originally developed in March 2015.

Meeting background documents – ODA Korea (in Korean)

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South Korea to assist Pakistan in combating HIV outbreak

South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide Pakistan with humanitarian assistance of US$100,000 in response to the rapid spread of the recent HIV outbreak. Provided in cash, the funding will be allocated via the WHO to help the victims, 82% of whom are young children.

Press release – MOFA

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South Korea and UNICEF talk women's and children's health at policy consultation

South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs held an annual policy consultation meeting with UNICEF to discuss areas of cooperation to enhance the human rights of women and children worldwide. They discussed South Korea’s role in the UNICEF’s Generation Unlimited initiative, a partnership to implement South Korea’s Action with Women and Peace initiative, and humanitarian assistance to North Korea to improve North Korean children’s health and nutrition.

Press release – MOFA (in Korean)

South Korea and African Union agree to strengthen partnership on trade, peace, and security

Foreign Minister Kang Kyung-hwa of South Korea has expressed South Korea’s commitment to strengthening its partnership with Africa on trade, peace, security, commerce, and youth exchange.

During her visits to Ethiopia, Ghana, and South Africa, Kang met with representatives of the African Union and praised the role of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement in promoting sustainable economic growth and fair and free trade. She also expressed strong support to the Silencing the Guns by 2020 initiative that supports efforts towards democratic elections and social inclusion.

Alongside African Union representatives, Kang signed two memoranda on youth exchange programs and on the African Union Peace Fund. The parties also discussed the 2021 Korea-Africa Forum in Seoul, each reaffirming their commitment to the Action with Women and Peace initiative, and Korean president Moon Jae-in’s peace process on the Korean peninsula. The leaders agreed to continue engaging in work to further strengthen existing economic cooperation.

Press release – MOFA (Korean)

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Led by South Korea, UNHRC adopts resolution on technologies' impact on human rights

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) adopted a resolution on 'new and emerging digital technologies and human rights' that was raised for discussion, and originally adopted, by South Korea.

The resolution, which received great support from major member states of the HRC, was one of the first to address the impact of technologies, including AI and big data, on human rights. The process for the resolution's passage involved the participation of a wide range of experts and stakeholders, including representatives from the private sector. The UN Human Rights Council Advisory Committee will submit a report on the effects of these technologies on the promotion and protection of human rights to the Human Rights Council in June of 2021.

Press release – MOFA (in Korean)

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South Korea to support modernization of Mongolia's National Archives

The Economic Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF) of South Korea has signed an agreement with the Mongolian minister of finance to modernize the National Archives of Mongolia. For this project, EDCF will provide a concessional loan of US$19 million, which will be used to implement a digital device and e-management system.

Press release – EDCF (in Korean)

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South Korea holds first annual international conference on addressing sexual violence in conflict

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Korea held its first international conference on 'Action with Women and Peace', on a global partnership to combat sexual violence in conflict. This conference brought together experts on sexual violence in conflict from governments, international organizations, civil society organizations, and academia. Attendees included 2018 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Dr. Denis Mukwege, the foreign minister of Indonesia, and a special representative of the UN secretary-general on sexual violence in conflict.

Held over two days, the conference discussed the current status and global norms of sexual violence in conflict. The conference concluded by calling for global action to ensure survivor-centered approaches to eradication of sexual violence in conflict, to judicial justice, reparations, and global partnership.

Press release – MOFA (in Korean)

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Global community reaffirm their commitment to universal health coverage at G20

The minister of health and welfare of South Korea joined the Joint Session of the G20 Finance and Health Ministers to reiterate South Korea’s commitment to achieving sustainable development through universal health coverage (UHC) in developing countries.

South Korea’s official development assistance and air ticket solidarity levy (a fee collected from all air passengers departing Korea) will be used to help fund the effort. Attendees of the session emphasized that the establishment of high quality and sustainable healthcare and medical systems are the responsibility of both health and finance ministries, and focused on methods for building cooperation between two often separate arms of government.

Press release – MOHW (in Korean)

South Korea puts US$6 million towards Sri Lankan project to support vulnerable populations

South Korea's Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has agreed to allocate US$6 million from 2019 to 2022 towards a project entitled 'Resilience building against recurrent natural shocks through climate adaptation and diversification of livelihoods for vulnerable communities in Sri Lanka'. Prioritizing better access to clean drinking water and the provision of various technical trainings, this project aims to increase income levels and living standards for some of the most vulnerable households in the country across five different districts.

News article – Daily Mirror

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South Korea elected as OECD Development Assistance Committee vice chair

South Korea was elected as vice chair of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC). With a two-year-term, the vice chairs of OECD DAC lay the foundation for DAC’s overall work plan and support the chair.

The election of South Korea as a vice chair represents recognition of South Korea’s role as a bridge between developed and developing countries, based upon its history as a recipient-turned-donor country and its future contribution in the area of international development cooperation.

Press release - MOFA

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