Canada announces US$33 million for seven development projects in Sudan and Mozambique

Canada has announced CA$44 million (US$33 million) in funding for seven projects on women’s economic empowerment, sexual and reproductive health, access to education, trade, and mitigation of the impacts of the 2019 cyclones Idai and Kenneth. These projects in Sudan and Mozambique were announced after Rob Oliphant, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, concluded a seven-day trip to the region.

The projects include: 

  1. Mozambican rural women’s and girls’ participatory economic empowerment, CAD$18 million (US$14 million) over 5 years: This project will foster economic empowerment for rural women in Mozambique and stimulate agri-food production through experimental agroforestry and climate-smart agriculture training;
  2. Combat absenteeism and barriers to education, CAD$15 million (US$11 million) over 5 years: This project will work to combat absenteeism and barriers to education for girls in Mozambique;
  3. Action for girls and young women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights in Mozambique, CAD$10 million (US$8 million) over 5 years: This project aims to improve gender equality in Mozambique by promoting adolescent girls' sexual and reproductive health and rights;
  4. Advancing sexual and reproductive health in Cabo Delgado, CAD$250,000 (US$190,000): This project focuses on sexual and reproductive health in Cabo Delgado and will assist the Government of Mozambique in providing better services in areas affected by Cyclone Kenneth;
  5. Mozambique recovery facility, CAD$250,000 (US$190,000): Through this project, the Government of Mozambique will be provided with assistance for planning and coordinating necessary reconstruction after Cyclone Idai;
  6. Reducing Mozambique’s high trade costs, CAD$250,000 (US$190,000): This project will focus on the unfavourable trade environment in Mozambique, working to identify key interventions that could reduce in-country trade costs and trade-related inefficiencies along the Beira and Nacala corridors; and
  7. Supporting gender integration into policy planning at the Sudanese Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, CAD$50,000 (US$38,000): This project will support gender integration in policy planning at the Sudanese Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare. 

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Canada announces US$43 million for Ebola relief in DRC

On January 15, 2020, Canada's Minister of International Development, Karina Gould, announced CAD$56 million (US$43 million) in funding to the Democratic Republic of Congo. These funds will be used to help control the ongoing Ebola epidemic, to provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations, and to strengthen local health systems.

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Canada funds flood relief initiatives in Republic of Congo

On January 14, 2020, Canada's Minister of International Development, Karina Gould, announced CAD$250,000 (US$190,000) in funding for the World Food Programme to assist in delivering food and cash resources to communities impacted by the flood in the Republic of Congo. 

CAD$40,000 (US$30,000) in funding will also be provided for the distribution of emergency kits containing essential household items to 500 families, and for the facilitation of water and sanitation workshops with affected communities.

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Canada forms International Coordination and Response Group in recogniton of victims of Flight PS752

Canada has announced the formation of the International Coordination and Response Group for families of victims of Flight PS752. The flight was shot down by Iran's Revolutionary Guard. All 176 passengers and crew on board were killed. Fifty-seven were Canadian citizens. 

The Response Group consists of officials from Ukraine, Sweden, Afghanistan, and the UK, and is led by Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne. The group has already held a call and agree on the need for a full and transparent investigation of the causes of the crash. The priority of the group is to assist families and loved ones of victims of Flight PS752 in getting the answers they deserve. The group will continue to work with international partners to ensure transparency and accountability in the investigation.

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Canada supports Australia in fighting wildfires

Since December 3, 2019, 100 Canadian fire management personnel have been sent to Australia to assist with the efforts against the major, ongoing bushfires. The majority of Canadian fire experts in Australia are there to assist with aviation, logistics, fire behavior, and provide relief to the non-stop work required of the Australian staff.

Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, has stated that more Canadian personnel are on their way to Australia to provide assistance. Champagne has communicated to Australia that Canada is prepared to consider providing more support as necessary. 

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Canada decries Russian-Chinese veto of UN's humanitarian assistance to Syria

Canada's  Minister of Foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, and Canada's Minister of International Development, Karina Gould, have stated that Canada opposes China's and Russia's veto of the UN resolution to continue vital cross-border humanitarian assistance to Syria. Canada believes that this veto will prevent millions of Syrians currently living in regions suffering from ongoing violence and airstrikes from receiving the immediate assistance they require. 

Canada called on all involved parties to remove and reduce barriers to providing quick and safe humanitarian assistance to Syrian people in need of support. 

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Canada takes leadership role in refugee protection

At the Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, Switzerland, Canada announced a commitment of US$38 million over the next four years to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). This funding is intended to assist UNHCR in responding to the humanitarian needs of refugees, globally.  

Canada's Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, Marco Mendicino, also pledged Canada's support to the Global Refugee Sponsorship Initiative and has introduced a dedicated refugee stream for at-risk human rights advocates, journalists, and humanitarian workers. Further, Canada is launching the Economic Mobility Pathways Project, which assists qualified refugees in integrating into the labor market and plans to establish multi-year resettlement commitments in 2021 to support the resettlement of women and girls.

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Canada to join NATO's Cyber Defence Research Centre

Canada is now in the process of joining the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE). The defense hub is eleven years old and Canada is one of the last NATO countries to join. CCDCOE, which includes members from 25 states (22 NATO nations and three NATO-allied contributing participants), is a military think-tank and is a leader in developing cyber defense solutions through multinational and interdisciplinary approaches. It does not defend against cyberattacks but instead conducts research and delivers training and exercises within four key areas of cybersecurity: technology, strategy, operations and law.

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Canada headlines Alliance for Multilateralism Conference

On December 10, 2019, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, François-Philippe Champagne, will attend the Alliance for Multilateralism conference in Berlin. The conference theme is 'Advocating Human Rights in the 21st Century'. Champagne will deliver the keynote address which will highlight the importance of the multilateral system in defending and promoting universal human rights.

The Alliance for Multilateralism is an informal alliance created by Canada, France, and Germany, consisting of nations who share a respect for a rules-based international order and who value global cooperation for tackling the most pressing issues facing the world. Its first official event was held in September of 2019 at the UN General Assembly.

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Canada funds women’s reproductive health services in Pakistan

Canada's minister of international development, Karina Gould, has announced that Canada has committed US$16 million over five years to support a gender-sensitive approach to women’s reproductive health services in Pakistan. The Healthy Families Pakistan initiative, led by the UN Population Fund and the Aga Khan Development Network, provides adolescent girls with safe and accessible sexual and reproductive health services. The project also plans to tackle the social and cultural barriers adolescent girls and women face in accessing health services.  

Canada believes women and adolescent girls must have autonomy over their own bodies and decisions in order to have a just, equal, and prosperous world where women and girls have the opportunity to develop to their full potential and fully contribute to society and their communities.

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