Japan provides US$11 million towards rice irrigation in Niger

Japan has announced ¥1.19 trillion (US$11 million) to promote rice irrigation in Niger. While more than 80% of Niger’s labor force participates in agriculture, most depend on rainfed farming methods. Crops grown during the rainy season do not cover annual household consumption and domestic demand greatly exceeds supply. The 'Strengthen ONAHA to promote irrigation agriculture' project will develop agricultural infrastructure for irrigation and improve rural development by expanding rice and other cops through Niger.

Press release – MOFA (in Japanese)

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Global Fund releases table showing total pledges by country

At its sixth replenishment conference in Lyon, France, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria raised a record-breaking US$14 billion in commitments from public and private donors, the largest amount of funding ever raised for a multilateral health organization. The Global Fund has since released a table showing the amounts pledged by each attendant.

Pledges at Global Fund Sixth Replenishment Conference - The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria

Japan supports Philippines' anti-rabies fight

As part of the 'Establishment of One Health Prevention and Treatment Model for Elimination of Rabies' project, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will support the development of cheaper diagnostic kits and a data-sharing system for rabies treatment in the Philippines. The Philippines has one of the highest rates of rabies in the world, about 200 deaths per year. The project falls under JICA’s Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development (SATREPS), and partners with Oita University's Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM), Department of Agriculture-Bureau of Animal Industry (DA-BAI), as well as the local health office of the Bulacan Province.

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Japan provides US$26 million for water and sanitation in Cambodia

The Japanese government has announced ¥2.78 trillion (US$26 million) to improve water and sanitation in Cambodia. In recent years, rapid population growth and urbanization have increased sewage production in Phnom Penh, Cambodia's capital. The 'Sewerage Improvement Plan in Phnom Penh' project will improve water and sanitation for approximately 20,000 residents in the region by establishing a sewage facility on Lake Choeung Ek.

Press release – MOFA (in Japanese)


Japan supports the opening of Mongolia’s first university hospital

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) provided ¥8 billion (US$75 million) in grant assistance towards the October 1, 2019 opening of Mongolia’s first university hospital in Ulaanbaatar. The hospital is expected to serve as a training site for doctors and nurses affiliated with the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences. In addition to supporting the hospital's construction, JICA will assist hospital operations and management with the help of Tokushima University, Ehime University, and others. 

From the perspective of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the hospital is expected to contribute to the achievement of SDG3 (“Health and Welfare for All”) by improving access to and quality of medical services throughout Mongolia.

Press Release – JICA (in Japanese)

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Japan provides ¥300 million in food assistance to Palestine

Japan has announced ¥300 million (US$3 million) in food assistance for Palestine through the World Food Programme to alleviate the serious food shortages faced by 310,000 in the Gaza region. This cooperation aims to realize the “stabilization and improvement of civilian life”, which is one of the pillars of Japan's support for Palestine.

Press Release – MOFA (in Japanese)

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Japan's GHIT Fund announces ¥630 million for drugs, vaccines, and diagnostics

On September 30, 2019, Japan's Global Health Innovative Technology (GHIT) Fund announced a ¥630 million (US$6 million) investment in new lifesaving drugs for malaria, tuberculosis, Chagas disease, and leishmaniasis, as well as vaccines for malaria and Chagas disease, and diagnostics for malaria. This grant includes funding for six new projects and a replenishment of funds for two ongoing projects.

Press release – GHIT Fund

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Japan announces US$11 million for UNRWA

On September 26, 2019, Japanese minister of foreign affairs, Toshimitsu Motegi, participated in the ministerial meeting on UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). In the meeting, the Japanese government reaffirmed the importance of UNRWA and announced grant assistance for new projects covering education, food assistance, and sewage treatment assistance, totaling US$11 million.

Press release - MOFA (in Japanese)

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Japan reaffirms its commitment to achieving UHC at UN High-Level Meeting

On September 23, 2019, Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe participated in the UN’s High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage as part of the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

In his statement, Abe highlighted the importance of national ownership, strengthening health financing, and frameworks for monitoring results and ensuring global accountability.

Press release – MOFA

The Political Declaration for the UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage (HLM UHC) 

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Japan provides US$12 million for protection of vulnerable populations in Syria

The Japanese government has announced US$12 million in grant assistance for strengthening protection activities for vulnerable populations in Eastern Aleppo, Syria, through the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The funding will provide humanitarian assistance to over 12 million people who suffered in the civil war, through the rehabilitation of a children's hospital and the support of local livelihoods.

Press release – UNHCR Japan (in Japanese)

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