Minister Kaag responds to questions on ODA budget from Dutch Parliament during budget negotiations

Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Minister Sigrid Kaag addressed the Dutch Parliament answering questions from ministers about the 2019 official development assistance (ODA) budget. The session was followed by the presentation of amendments to the budget by the different members of the committee on foreign trade and development cooperation. 

The full debate can be viewed here and here (in Dutch).

Transcript - Government of the Netherland's portal (in Dutch) 


Dutch MPs request additional development funds for family planning

Dutch budget negotiations over official development assistance (ODA) allocations for 2019 have concluded.  Dutch member of Parliament (MP) and spokesperson of the parliamentary committee for foreign trade and development cooperation, Wybren van Haga, put forward an amendment to allocate an additional €10 million (US$11 million) to support family planning in the Netherlands' priority regions. 

The same request was included in a joint amendment by fellow MPs Achraf Bouali and Anne Kuik. Given the overlap in amendments, Sigrid Kaag, foreign trade and development minister, asked the two groups to agree on the content and put forward a joint amendment supported by the three parties. The final deliberation on this and other amendments is taking place on Tuesday, December 4, 2018. 

News article - De Telegraaf (in Dutch)

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Dutch development minister publishes answers to parliamentary questions on global development budget

Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag has responded to questions submitted by the Committee for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Dutch Parliament on the budget statement of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation (XVII) for 2019. These questions seek to clarify details pertaining to the budget and will be discussed November 28-29, 2018. 

Minister's responses - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)


Dutch development minister addresses parliament regarding focus countries

Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag has informed the Dutch Parliament about the focus of bilateral cooperation with developing countries in focus regions. Kaag was responding to a June 2018 memorandum containing various parliamentary motions and concrete questions from members of parliament. Some of these included attention for people with disabilities in crisis areas, Dutch efforts to combat sex trafficking, phasing out plans in transition countries, and the expansion of  result indicators in the development cooperation budget.

Minister's responses - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)


Dutch Fund for Climate and Development opens first call for proposals

The Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) has announced its first call for applications November 19, 2018. The fund, established by the current Rutte III cabinet to finance climate projects in developing countries, will distribute €160 million in grants. This represents new funding aimed at mitigating the root causes of migration, climate change, terrorism, and poverty. 

Grant portal - Government of the Netherlands

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Dutch finance minister questions Franco-German budget proposal

Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra has questioned France and German's latest eurozone budget proposal ahead of the Eurogroup gathering in Brussels on November 19, 2018. In a Twitter post, Hoekstra said,"the need for such a budget is less than convincing. It is unclear how this will help and why this would be in the interest of Dutch citizens.”

France and Germany published a two-page proposal for the budget on November 16, 2018, which said that a eurozone budget should be within the EU budget framework and linked to “external assigned revenues,” like an EU financial transaction tax. Countries in the single currency union would be able to tap into the pot but only if they comply with strict rules on economic policy coordination.

Twitter post - Minister of Finance of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

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Dutch Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development updates theories of change underpinning development policy

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development, led by Minister Sigrid Kaag, has updated its 'Theories of Change' underpinning the priorities of Dutch policy on development cooperation. The theories are used to test nine themes of development policy and to monitor and adjust implementation accordingly through the use of  scores on indicators. 

The Theories of Change have been developed for the following themes: humanitarian aid, climate, migration, private sector development, sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), security and legal order, food security, women's rights and gender equality, and water. 

Theories of Change - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

Canadian and Dutch prime ministers agree to deepen partnership against climate change

During the Prime Minister of the Netherlands’ visit to Ottawa, Canada and the Netherlands have announced the Netherlands’ endorsement of the Canada-led Ocean Plastics Charter. The charter was adopted at the G7 Summit in June, initially by Canada, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the EU, and consists of actions aimed towards fighting the pollution of marine bodies.

Canada has also confirmed that it will be providing CAD7.5 million dollars (US$5.9 million dollars) for the Global Commission on Adaptation, a Dutch-led climate change initiative. 

News Release – Prime Minister of Canada

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Dutch coalition partner D66 chooses new party leader

The Dutch Democrats 66 (D66), one of the four coalition parties that forms the Dutch government, has announced a new leader, Rob Jetten, following former leader Alexander Pechtold's resignation in early October. Jetten has been D66's spokesperson for climate, energy, and gas, as well as transport and economic affairs. 

All major Dutch newspapers have pointed to a risk in this appointment, noting that the cabinet has lost a staunch architect of the government accord and that this might make the party seem unpredictable.  

News article - Dutch News

News release - D66 (in Dutch)


Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Minister Kaag delivers speech on the importance of international cooperation

Dutch Foreign Trade and Development Minister Kaag gave a speech for the 2018 Abel Herzberg Lecture in which she talked about the value of the EU and international cooperation, and mentioned that a stronger rebuttal must be made against populism. While she didn't specifically refer to the Party for Freedom (PVV) and Forum for Democracy (FvD) as being populist, she mentioned them during her call to better protect democracy. 

All major papers covered the speech which has also attracted some criticism, including from Thierry Baudet of the FvD.

Speech - Government of the Netherlands