Partos, the NGO umbrella organization of the Netherlands, publishes a report on possible future trends of Dutch development cooperation

Partos, the NGO umbrella organization, in partnership with a variety of actors in Dutch development cooperation, have published the report ‘Adapt, Counteract or Transform (ACT); The future of Dutch development cooperation’. The report explores four scenarios that represent a spectrum of possible futures in 2025 and a section featuring 'A future we want'. 

Aimed at allowing all actors in this field to ensure they are adequately resilient and flexible towards the future, the publication provides different dynamics, challenges, and opportunities that players in Dutch development cooperation will need to prepare for and might need to adapt to.

The report can be explored through an interactive website or downloaded as a PDF

Interactive report - Partos


Dutch government presents new agenda on migration

The new Dutch cabinet has presented a new comprehensive agenda on migration. It comprises 6 pillars and focuses on the root causes of migration, in line with the intentions set out in the Coalition Agreement of the current coalition government.

These pillars focus on preventing irregular migration, strengthening reception and protection in the region, shaping a robust and solidary asylum system within the European Union and the Netherlands, reducing illegality and strengthening return processes to homelands, promoting legal migration routes, and stimulating integration and participation. 

This is the first integral agenda on migration, conceived by, and for, different ministries.

Press release – Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)


New report analyzes which Dutch stakeholders address Sexual and Gender Diversity

Share-Net Netherlands has published a report on which NGOs, universities, and Dutch ministries, address Sexual and Gender Diversity (SGD). Besides an overview of the main findings, the report includes recommendations for addressing the gaps found and suggestions on strengthening research on the topic. 

Report– Share-Net


Call for 800 volunteers for International AIDS conference in July in Amsterdam

In preparation for the 22nd International AIDS Conference taking place in Amsterdam from July 23-27,  2018, the International AIDS Society is calling for 800 volunteers to help with on-site organization. Volunteers must be over 18 and will be scheduled for half-day shifts with the possibility to attend some sessions for free. 

Applications will be considered in chronological order, with the first applications submitted considered first, and the system closing once all positions have been filled.

Press release – International AIDS Conference

Netherlands Global health

New Dutch Minister for Foreign Affairs

Stef Blok was sworn in earlier this month as new Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, after previous Minister Halbe Zijlstra stepped down in February. Blok is a well-known and experienced politician from the VVD party. He was Minister without portfolio responsible for Housing and Public Services from 2012 until 2017 and Minister of Security and Justice after minister Ard van Steur stepped down.

Press release - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Dutch)


The Netherlands places water on UN Security Council agenda

During the Netherlands chairmanship (March 2018) and membership (2018) of the United Nations Security Council this month, several underrepresented items will be placed high on the international agenda, with conflict prevention as one priority.  Netherlands Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag will brief the Security Council on the situation in the Lake Chad region. Since 1950 the lake has shrunk significantly, which has resulted in large consequences for food availability and living conditions for nearly 20 million persons. 

Press release - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Dutch)



Last days to provide input into Dutch contribution to SDGs report

March 25th is the last day to provide input to the report "What is the Netherlands doing to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?" This report will review the so-called 'Dutch Diamond' - the national government, the business community, financial institutions, civil society, knowledge institutions, and young people - and what these are doing to reach SDGs in the Netherlands and abroad.  
The input is being collected by the Dutch umbrella organization 'Partos' through an online survey. 

News article - Partos (in Dutch) 


Dutch Development Ministry seeks input for new development policy

Sigrid Kaag, the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, has recently launched a consultation for the new policy document that will guide overall strategy, due in Spring 2018. In this document the Minister will set out priorities and focus areas for the upcoming years.

The consultation, which consists of 9 questions around development, is open to all, including international partners. The deadline for the consultation is March 22, 2018.

Press release - Dutch government (in Dutch) 


Dutch Development Minister and 75 Dutch organizations discuss integrity policies following Oxfam crisis

 75 leading Dutch organizations working on international cooperation and humanitarian assistance have met with the Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, Sigrid Kaag, to evaluate the existing procedures on integrity and prevention of sexual misconduct by development workers and to propose new measures to combat this. Some of these included independent reporting points, whistleblower regulation, and clear sanctions based on zero tolerance.

News article - Pratos (in Dutch) 



Dutch NGO umbrella organization gives recommendation on development policy

Dutch NGO umbrella organization Partos has contributed written advice to the upcoming Ministry of Foreign Affairs' development policy with the goal of influencing the new policy framework. The advice, including key recommendations and requests, has been delievered to Minister Sigrid Kaag, the acting minister for foreign trade and development cooperation. The recommendations are grouped under the headings of migration, humanitarian help, trade, shrinking civic spaces and human rights, and climate financing.

To gather further input from civil society, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will organize online consultations in the second half of February 2018. The details of these consultations will be made public in the coming days.

Press release - Partos (in Dutch)