Dutch government publishes agenda for 2020 parliamentary meetings

The Dutch government shared with the parliament of the Netherlands the overview of the most relevant parliamentary meetings for to the foreign affairs and development cooperation ministry in 2020.

The document includes the dates for regular development committee meetings as well as other parliamentary debates over upcoming evaluations of different programs or presentations of relevant reports, such as the report on human rights published in 2019.

Press release - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

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Netherlands ranking plummets in WEF gender parity index

The Netherlands dropped 11 places on the 2020 World Economic Forum’s (WEF) gender gap report, which ranks more than 150 countries on progress towards gender parity in the areas of economic participation, education, health and survival, and political empowerment.

The report points to the lack of female political influence in the country as the main cause of the Netherlands' weakened ranking position, now #38 on the list. According to the WEF, it will take nearly 100 years to eradicate the global gender gap entirely. 

News article - DutchNews

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Dutch Minister Sigrid Kaag wins political award for government actor with most influential 'silent power'

Minister for foreign trade and development cooperation of the Netherlands, Sigrid Kaag, has been elected 'Whisperer of the Year' by Dutch broadcast BNR Nieuwsradio. The prize was awarded to Ms. Kaag by the public audience for being perceived as the most important 'silent power' and influential person within the government in 2019.

This award is part of BNR's political podcast 'Project Binnenhof' which is documenting and reporting about the most powerful figures in the Dutch political landscape.

Press release - BNR (in Dutch)


Dutch government publishes changes to 2019 development budget

During the Netherlands' parliamentary negotiations over the 2019 foreign trade and development cooperation budget, the dutch parliament posed 18 factual questions to Minister Sigrid Kaag about changes to the budget. While the list of these questions and answers relating to the changes to this year's budget have been published, the final 2019 development budget reflecting these alterations will not be published until the spring of 2020.

Press release  - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)


Dutch government publishes guidelines in English for next round of CSO funding

The Dutch government published the guidelines in English pertaining to the next funding round (2021- 2025) of four of their seven instruments to fund civil society worldwide, which fall under the 'Strengthening Civil Society' policy framework. The documents relate to the following four funding mechanisms: 

  1. Power of voices;
  2. Power of women;
  3. Women, peace, and security; and
  4. SRHR partnership fund.

The government also published the English version of the eligible countries as well as the theory of change that guides all seven instruments under their policy framework. 

Press release - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

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Dutch ambassador for gender equality speaks on World AIDS Day

On December 1, 2019, to celebrate World AIDS day, Ms. Mette Gonggrijp, Dutch ambassador for women's rights and gender equality, spoke in an interview about the efforts undertaken by the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs towards the international response to HIV/AIDS. 

In the interview, Ms. Gonggrijp highlighted the importance of tackling stigma and discrimination and addressed linkages with the provision of other SRHR services to maximize coverage. She also spoke about her role as gender ambassador in the fight against HIV/AIDS, given that women are twice as likely to be infected with HIV, and given that there are multiple gender barriers to treatment and prevention specific to girls and women. 

Twitter - Mette Gonggrijp

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Dutch parliament publishes questions submitted to Minister Kaag during 2020 budget debate

The Dutch government published the full list of factual questions submitted by parliament to Minister Sigrid Kaag, during the negotiations for the 2020 foreign trade and development budget. The document also contains the written replies from Minister Kaag to parliament. 

The 301 questions submitted touch on a diverse array of themes, ranging from inquiries about the subsidies provided to Dutch NGOs to details on the top ten recipient countries of Dutch official development assistance (ODA).

All the motions and amendments to the 2020 budget submitted by the different members of parliament can also be found online.  

Website - Parliament of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

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Dutch parliament debates 2020 development budget

On the week of November 25, 2019, the development committee of the Dutch parliament is debating the 2020 development budget. The agenda includes discussions on the report of the Wise Persons Group on the European Union's financing structures and mechanisms for development cooperation, the economic and democratic transitions in Ethiopia and Sudan, as well as funding for gender and education in Africa.

The timing of the debates on the budget pertaining to development cooperation can be found here, and their live streams (in Dutch) can be accessed here

Press release - Parliament of the Netherlands (in Dutch)


Dutch NGOs campaign for return to 0.7% GNI to ODA ahead of 2020 budget negotiations

On November 25, 2019, ahead of the Dutch parliament 2020 budget negotiations, Cordaid and Oxfam Novib, two NGOs from the Netherlands, launched a campaign in support of the internationally agreed-upon target of allocating 0.7% of gross national income (GNI) to official development assistance (ODA).

The initiative combines publications of ads in major newspapers and on social media, and shares the results of a recent study that affirms that two-thirds of the Dutch population is in favor of ODA spending. 

Their campaign brings attention to the motion that passed with majority votes in parliament in September, which called on the government to develop a roadmap to return to the 0.7% before 2030. The motion also requested that Minister Kaag inform parliament of the activities the government has put in place to that end. Minister Kaag responded in a letter to Parliament on November 18, 2019, explaining that the ODA had already been increased at the beginning of the current legislature and that additional increases in 2020 would be contingent upon the outbreak of humanitarian emergencies. 

Twitter - Oxfam (in Dutch)

Press release - Cordaid (in Dutch)

Press release - Government of the Netherlands (in Dutch)

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Netherlands launches 'Orange the World' campaign fighting violence against women

On November 25, 2019, marking the International Day against Violence against Women, the Dutch government and other stakeholders launched the global campaign Orange the World, in the Netherlands.  The campaign comprises of 16 days of action in which ministries, municipalities, provinces, civil society organizations, and the UN organize activities to raise awareness about all sorts of violence against women and girls. Mette Gonggrijp, Dutch ambassador for women’s rights and gender equality, launched the national campaign in Utrecht. 

Official website - Orange the World Campaign (in Dutch)

Twitter - Mette Gonggrijp