UK announces largest development assistance commitment to support climate resilience in Africa

The UK secretary of state for international development, Rory Stewart, has announced £250 million (US$321 million) in grants to tackle climate change in Africa over the next five years. The funding, the UK's largest direct commitment on climate, will ensure UK expertise can help developing countries in Africa become more climate-resilient and move away from fossil fuels onto cleaner energy sources.

The announcement was made during Stewart’s trip to Kenya. On the trip, he also committed an extra £4 million (US$5 million) in UK development assistance to help prevent malnutrition and the threat of starvation for those living off arid lands in Kenya.

Press release – DFID

French G7 Biarritz Summit preparatory meetings hone in on gender inequality in education and entrepreneurship

On July 4-5, 2019, the G7 development and education ministers met in Paris to prepare the G7 Biarritz Summit to take place on August 24-26, 2019. The meetings focused on fighting inequality, with particular emphasis on gender equality and significant priority given to Africa.

French President Macron has pledged to:

  • Match donations to UNICEF France between July and December 2019 for the education of girls in the Sahel, and to support projects for menstrual hygiene, which is often an obstacle to schooling;
  • Provide significant support for organizations in the fight against sexual violence in conflict;
  • Leverage G-7 countries to generate US$3 billion in loans for female African entrepreneurs.

France also called on all G7 countries to double funds for the education of girls in the Sahel.

Press release - Ministry of Foreign Affairs

France Agriculture

Norway announces record-high 2019 funding to UN organizations

The Norwegian government is increasing its core contribution to the UN and providing an all-time-high contribution to six UN organizations. The contributions are as follows:

  • UNICEF: NOK 1 billion (US$126 million)
  • UNDP: NOK 615 million (US$74 million)
  • UNFPA: NOK 530 million (US$6 million)
  • UN Women: NOK 100 million (US$12 million)
  • UNHCR: NOK 380 million (US$46 million)
  • WFP: NOK 300 million (US$36 million).

These are the highest contributions Norway has given to these organizations collectively. The Norwegian government expects the funds to be spent in an efficient and transparent manner.

Press release - Norweigan government

Spanish CSOs hold first national debate on Agenda 2030

On July 3, 2019, the first National Multifactor Forum on the 2030 Agenda, jointly promoted by the ODS Alliance (UNICEF-Spanish Committee, OXFAM Intermón, and WWF) and the Spanish Pact Network was held in Madrid. The forum was attended by representatives of the Spanish government, NGOs, social organizations, think tanks, and academics working in the field of sustainable development affairs.

The stakeholder meeting was aimed at aligning points of view around the 2030 Agenda and setting the basis for the Spanish national strategy for sustainable development. The main topics of discussion included matters relating to GDP, inequality, and food production and consumption.

Press release – REDS (in Spanish)

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G20 leaders adopt joint declaration on global issues in Osaka

The G20 representatives adopted the 'G20 Osaka Leaders' Declaration', consisting of fives sections which cover a variety of global urgent issues: 

  1. Global economy;
  2. Fostering robust global economic growth;
  3. Global finance anti-corruption;
  4. Creating a virtuous cycle of growth by addressing inequalities;
  5. Realizing an inclusive and sustainable world.

The declaration also discusses pressing issues in global health, particularly the urgent need for universal health coverage(UHC) and a cooperative effort to address antimicrobial resistance. Further discussion will take place at the G20 health ministers' meeting in October 2019.

Press release - G20

DevelopmentAid opens registration for donor network

DevelopmentAid, a membership organization and data provider for individuals and organizations in the international development sector, has recently opened the registration for donors in its network. Donors with DevelopmentAid can publish calls in the funding database to an audience of 100,000 entities and over 66,000 development professionals.

DevelopmentAid services include:

  • Donor analysis for monitoring investments made by every donor per sector, region, and type of contract

  • Tender tracking services for keeping up to date with upcoming development projects from multilateral organizations, bilateral donors, development banks, government agencies, and more

  • Recruitment tools to identify candidates that meet TOR requirements

  • Consortia building solutions for finding partners with relevant references and project experience

  • Due diligence system for candidate filtering

Donor registration - DevelopmentAid

Informational brochure - DevelopmentAid

Norway launches action plan for sustainable food production systems

Five Norwegian ministers launched the government’s action plan for sustainable food production systems within the spheres of Norwegian foreign and development policies from 2019 to 2023. The plan emphasizes four different areas (food production, value creation and markets, nutrition and diet, policies and governance) that are to become the focus of Norway in its development work, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa.                                                        

Action plan– Government website (in Norwegian)

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African, European leaders commit to use agriculture to achieve sustainable development at third AU-EU agriculture ministerial conference

Leaders met in Rome on June 21, 2019, for the third African Union-European Union agriculture ministerial conference on the theme of ‘Promoting sustainable regional agri-food value chains’. Ministers discussed the importance of the agricultural sector in promoting nutrition and income security, and for encouraging rural development.

Attending ministers committed to intensifying the cooperation on sustainable agriculture, rural development, and sustainable food systems through the initiatives provided for in the Action Agenda alongside the conference declaration, and will seek to coordinate additional state-level actions.

Event website - European Commission

EU Agriculture Nutrition

Development leaders gather in Brussels for European Development Days, June 18-19

The 2019 European Development Days, Europe’s leading forum on development cooperation, focused on addressing inequalities and inclusive progress. The event, held in Brussels from June 18-19, 2019 brought together 144 world leaders and nearly 67,000 participants. 

High level speakers and participants at the event included World Health Organization (WHO) director general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, Her Majesty Mathilde, Queen of the Belgians, Rwandan president Paul Kagame, Senegalese president Macky Sall, Belgian prime minister Charles Michel, Bhutanese prime minister Lotay Tshering, European Parliament president Antonio Tajani, commissioners Neven Mimica, Christos Stylianides, Marianne Thyssen, Pierre Moscovici and Mariya Gabriel, Britain's Tony Blair, and David Miliband of the International Rescue Committee.

Website - European Development Days

Norway announces its development policy priorities

On May 23, 2019, Norwegian development minister Dag-Inge Ulstein presented Norway's development assistance priorities for 2019 to parliament. Key priorities include the elimination poverty, meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and making human dignity the focal point of development approaches. According to Ulstein, partner governments will be key to implementing these goals. 

Thematic priorities, target countries, and cross-sectoral focus areas (including human rights, women's rights and gender equality, climate and environment, and anti-corruption) will remain unchanged. However, the Norwegian government has increased its focus on poverty reduction and development assistance to those who need it the most, and will therefore increasingly focus on least-developed countries (LDCs). 

Press release - Government of Norway (in Norwegian)