Deductions for refugee costs from 2019 ODA budget to increase by US$76 million

The government has approved a US$76 million (SEK700 million) increase in deductions from the 2019 ODA budget to finance refugee costs as compared to the deductions budgeted in the budget tabled in the Fall 2018.  In total, deductions from the ODA budget will amount to US$313 million (SEK2.9 billion). Compared to the past five years, however, these deductions are low.  The ODA budget presented in the Spring Budget is US$4.6 billion (SEK42.5 billion) is nevertheless an increase from the year before thanks to strong growth of the Swedish economy.   

The decision to increase the deductions is a result of negotiations with the Ministry of Finance, which would like to see a more gradual redistribution of funds between the expenditure posts.  How much can be deducted from the ODA budget for refugee costs is subject to a new calculation method which was developed in 2018 but will only come into effect in 2020. 

Source - Omvärlden